Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Dr. King)
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Dr. King: Life & Influence

Dr. King a look at his life and his influence including some of his ministry and education, a blog post to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay #MLKDay2020 #MartinLutherKingDay

Reformation Day - October 31, 1517 image
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Reformation Day

October 31 is also Reformation Day, Martin Luther wrote The 95 Thesis on this day 500 years ago and nailed it to the Castle Church door in Wittenburg in Germany. I share about Reformation Day and even the full length movie of I Will Not Recant. #ReformationDay #95Thesis #MartinLuther #IWillNotRecant

20 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Pastor Printable
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20 Ways To Show Appreciation for your Pastor – Pastor Appreciation

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. A month set aside of the year to show appreciation to your pastor. Usually the second Sunday of October is Pastor Appreciation Day. Check out this list of 20 Ways To Show Appreciation for your Pastor as part of Pastor Appreciation for any time. Includes Free printable version! #PastorAppreciationMonth #PastorAppreciation

Pastor Appreciation - Pastors Appreciation Pastor Appreciation - Pastors Appreciation Day - Pastor Appreciation - Pastors Appreciation Month
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Pastor Appreciation Month is in October

October is pastor appreciation month throughout the Southern Baptist Churches. Help show your support for your pastor. #PastorAppreciation #PastorAppreciationMonth #PastorAppreciationDay

Linus shares What Christmas Is All About
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Linus Drops His Blanket sharing the what Christmas is All About

This is a video segment from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie Brown asked if anyone can tell him what Christmas is really about and Linus gives it to him real. Linus drops his security blanket too! He breaks out scripture to explain about Jesus’s birth as found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 #CharlieBrown #CharlieBrownChristmas #Linus #ChristmasStory

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John Harper, Baptist Pastor, Hero aboard Titanic

John Harper was a baptist pastor & a hero aboard the Titanic, a ship they said wouldn’t sink. Find out why he is a hero! #Titanic #Titanic104 #JohnHarper #LastTitanicHero

A church that wants a better pastor can get one by praying for him - Prayer works and we ought to be praying for the pastor or pastors at our church.
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A church that wants a better pastor can get one by praying for him

A church that wants a better pastor can get one by praying for him – Prayer works and we ought to be praying for the pastor or pastors at our church.

Hot Tea Month - Tea is enjoyed in many countries around the world. Its health benefits are numerous, and tea often is part of rituals and other cultural ceremonies.
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Hot Tea Month

Hot Tea Month – Do you enjoy drinking Hot Tea? Check out these interesting tea facts and find out when Hot Tea month is! #HotTea #HotTeaMonth

The Legend of the Poinsettia Printable
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Legend of the Poinsettia

Do you know where the Poinsettia came from that we use for Christmas and in churches during Christmas? This may give you some insight on that. #Poinsettia #PoinsettiaLedgend #LedgendofthePoinsettia

Keep Your Fork! The Best Is Yet to Come!
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Keep Your Fork! The Best is Yet To Come! An Inspiring Story

A religious story told to me about keeping your fork. It was told to me in my Walk to Emmaus. “The Best is Yet to Come” – Keep Your Fork – Includes Free Printable Version! #KeepYourFork

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Long sermon

Long sermon – Have you ever been to a long sermon? In America, we think the 20-30 minutes that our pastor preaches can be long. But, there has been longer sermons. What about the longest sermon recorded?

The Pastor Stole our Spoon A pastor had dinner at the home of a couple in his church. After he let, the wife said to the husband, “I think he stole our spoon!” This bothered her for a while. A year later the couple had the pastor for dinner again. Unable to resist, the wife asked, “Did you steal our spoon last year?” The pastor replied, “No I put it inside your Bible.”
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The Pastor Stole our Spoon 

The Pastor Stole our Spoon – Find out the story of a family who said the pastor stole our spoon. Find out if he stole it or not.

The Pastor's Study is a symbol of the calling of the Christian minister to be the shepherd of a flock of God. Here sermons are prepared to feed the congregation of GOD'S Holy Word. Here the work of the Church is planned so that the congregation may grow in grace and bear fruit in fellowship, teaching and witnessing. Here you will always find a friend and counselor in time of need. The pastor will not be surprised at your sins, nor judge you in them, but always invites you to share in the wisdom and love of God, the knowledge of forgiveness of sins, and the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. You are Always Welcome.
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Pastor’s Study Printable

Pastor’s Study Printable – Here is a free printable on the study of a pastor. This would be great to print out and give to to your pastor.

Pastors Name on the Church Sign
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Pastors Name on the Church Sign

Pastors Name on the Church Sign – Should the pastors name be on the church sign? This weeks Church Sign Saturday takes a little different turn. I talk about putting the name of your pastor on your church sign.

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Pastor Appreciation: Justin Breeden

October is Pastor Appreciation month. I would like to take this time to appreciate Pastor Justin Breeden. A Great friend and mentor in the Word of God. #PastorAppreciation #JustinBreeden

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Pastor Appreciation: Bob Neal

October is Pastor appreciation month. I would like to show the appreciation of a pastor at a church I use to be at, Bob Neal of Piedmont Baptist Church in Dandridge, TN. #BobNeal #PastorAppreciation

Preachers Away
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When Pastors Away the Mice Play

Pastors Away: You ever hear the saying when BLANK is away the mice will play. We can say BLANK = Pastor, Boss, Parent, Teacher, etc. I talk about when the pastor is away the mice will play.

Expository Preaching by Shai Linne
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Expository Preaching by Shai Linne with Lryics 

Expository Preaching by Shai Linne with Lryics. He gave pastors the call to ministry found in 2 Timothy 4:1-2 #ExpositoryPreaching #ShaiLinne

The Church Called and Collected Album Cover - Leadership by Flame
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Leadership by Flame Plus Lyrics

Leadership by Flame – We have Elders, we have Deacon & congregational leadership. Jesus is the head of the whole thing! The Church: Called and Collected”. This song is a Lampmode recording. #Flame #Leadership #Lampmode

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden - Gospel Compromise
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Church Discipline – The Word of the Week

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden, unadulterated truth of the Word of God to be proclaimed, this week is on church discipline. #WordoftheWeek #WOTW #ChurchDiscipline