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Heaven ... Don't Miss it for the World - A Church sign I saw driving around. This is from Talbott Baptist Church in Talbott, TN. #Heaven

A church sign on heaven that I saw while  I was driving in Talbott, TN on May 16, 2016. This church sign is from Talbott Baptist Church. I had to share it with my readers. It actually has two different messages, one on one side and the other has another message. Click to see the other side.

This church sign reads …

Heaven … Don’t Miss It For the World

That is so true, the world is over taken everyone today and no one is worried about the way to Heaven … Jesus Christ, as He is the only way to Heaven. There is no other way! People are too wrapped up in whats going on in the world and trying to trust the world or fill themselves with the world instead of Christ.

I pray that you won’t miss out because you are living in the world. Remember we are told to be transformed by the world! People should see a difference in us that they want Jesus who is in us.

Below is the image of that church sign.

Heaven Church sign (Talbott Baptist Church)



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