Baby New Year: The Origin

Baby New Year we see this baby all the time when it comes to the first of the year. I never knew where or how this baby came around, I just knew I see it all the time. So where did this idea of a baby for New Years come from? #BabyNewYear

Baby New Year: The Origin

People from around the world celebrate to mark the arrival of the new year. One New Year tradition that has survived through the centuries is that of Baby New Year and its image of a toddler wearing only a diaper, sash and top hat.

Baby New Year

Baby New Year can be traced to 600 B.C. in Greece and Egypt. Historians note that Greeks believed Dionysus, their God of fertility and wine, was reborn every New Year as a spirit of fertility and luck. Greeks would celebrate with parades featuring a baby in a cradle to represent the birth of Dionysus. Ancient Egyptians used a baby as a symbol to represent rebirth as well. Thus making Baby New Year symbolizes the birth of the new year and the passing of the old one.

Baby New Year symbolizes the birth of the new year and the passing of the old one. Share on X

Over the years, the tradition of Baby New Year has taken on another meaning as well. Some people believe the baby begins as an infant in January and then quickly ages until he is elderly at the end of December. Some stories even suggest Baby New Year ages until he becomes Father Time.

Early Christians

Early Christians did not like this tradition, feeling it was a pagan celebration. However, the Church eventually revised its standing when it saw how much people stood behind the imagery of a baby representing rebirth. The Christian Church allowed members to celebrate the new year with a baby, and it was believed the practice symbolized the birth and hope offered by baby Jesus.

Baby New Year symbolism has even been used for marketing purposes. Retailers realized the cherubic image would attract consumers, which is why it is now used to promote New Year’s sales. But Baby New Year is more than just a successful marketing tool. Each year, many cities and villages name their own Baby New Year. Each city would try to see who is the first child born on January 1. Some attempts to name a Baby New Year for an entire country have been made, but there have been no official pronouncements, as so many children have been born around midnight on New Year’s Eve that it has been too close to call which baby arrived first.

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Final thoughts

This also shows how the church today seems to be compromising on a lot of stuff and going against the Word of God. You can say using this baby for New Years can be a form of idolatry after all it did get it’s origin from a fake god. We are taking an image of something and giving it god like characters saying this baby becomes Father Time or ages quickly from January to December. We know there is not a Mother Earth or even Father Time … There is only Father God. Even turning this pegan baby into the birth of Jesus. This is wrong if you ask me.

I never knew this story of Baby New Year, I am glad I came across the free to use article. I wanted to share with my readers so you all are aware of this as well.

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First published December 30, 2016. Last republished or updated December 29, 2024.

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5 thoughts on “Baby New Year: The Origin

  1. Thank you Steve for the post on the Baby New Year. Its the first time I’ve ever heard of it. I think Jesus should be the only baby discussed.

    Do you think Baby New Year is a thing that will pass or will it be an ongoing trend for years to come?

    1. I totally agree … more of Jesus! Baby New Year has been around for a long time and sadly we live in sinful world, so I believe Baby New Year will be around for years to come.

      1. Thank you Steve for your reply. Its sad to think Baby New Year will be here to stay. Hope people don’t forget the true baby during Christmas.

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