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Life is Fragile Church Sign

Check this side of the Talbott Baptist Church sign in Talbott, TN that shares about life being fragile and what to handle it with.

This is the other side of the Heaven Church Sign from Tablott, TN that I saw on May 16, 2016. Talbott Baptist Church had two different messages, one on each side, so I took a picture of both sides and sharing them as separate post for my readers.

This side of the church sign reads …

Life is fragile handle with prayer

I do like this church sign too because it does remind us that our life is fragile for one and that we must pray. Prayer is nothing but communication with God. We must also know we must come with repetitive heart too. Confession of our sins is a must before we can petition God with prayer. Our lives are fragile that is why we must put total trust and dependency on Christ and Christ alone.

Check out that side of the church sign below.

Life Fragile Church Sign (Talobtt Baptist Church)


Click to see the other side


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