Ripple Effect

The ripple effect we’re all familiar with this … we toss a rock into any body of water and we see the ripples start from where the rock went in and slowly goes out all around it. The water gets affected by the rock making a way for pattern of a ripple effect. We can give both good and bad ripple effects.

Ripple Effect

This ripple effect can effect us too. When people say words to us or do things to us, it can have a ripple effect. Not only does it effect the person it hit but those around where it hit too. It will cause a ripple effect.

Ripple Effect

We can say the rock is the words or things done to us and we can say the water is the person targeted and those around that targeted person.

Words and actions do hurt and does effect more than just the person it was inflicted on. It will also effect those around that person just like when the rock hits the water, it will make a ring of ripples in the water.

This is one reason why we should watch what we say and do unto others. This ripple effect can also affect you as the one that tossed the rock. As if you are a Christian it can set the bad example. We as Christians are to set the example. We shouldn’t be causing bad ripple effects in others.

Now there is another side, we can cause good ripple effects as well. Kind words and actions can cause a good ripple effect that can spread to others and be a pleasant ripple in the water. We all enjoy tossing the rock in the water to cause that ripple effect.

Even the private ripple effects can effect others. You may think no one else will know, but the fact is God knows! God knows all and sees all.

Also remember when you toss that rock, if you notice the ripple effect forms a circle and spirals back toward you. So if you think about it, it really comes back onto you as well. It is almost like when you point at someone saying they did it, you have more fingers pointing back at you than the person you are pointing at.

Let the words and action come out of you be pleasing in the sight of the Lord and make it give off a good ripple effect. When ever you toss a rock into the lake and see the circles forming around the impact in the water, let it always remind you that our actions and words can effect other people including us.



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2 thoughts on “Ripple Effect

  1. Hello Steve,

    This is why it is so important that we stick to the Golden Rule. All the world has to do is abide by this, and it would be a pretty wonderful place. Sadly, there are those who, for some reason, choose not to live by this.

    1. We should do good to others even if the do evil to them. Like Fred, cloth and care for even our enemies. When we do that we are actually putting on hot coals on their head.

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