10,000 Reasons

10,000 Reasons to be thankful!
10,000 Reasons to be thankful!

I was trying to do a blog post a day for what I am thankful for and not always can I get Online to do that. I missed 3 days, Friday to Sunday.

I realized doing this I did find myself thanking God a lot throughout the day. Even the days I posted or didn’t post it on this blog. We should be thankful daily. Seeing that from not posting them too was wow!

It wasn’t until Sunday, November 10, 2013, that I got a better idea. An idea that would have you take time to truly reflect the blessings that God had done. Can you count your blessings and name them one by one? How about this, can you name 10,000 reasons why you are thankful?

In this blog post, I am gonna start, November 11, 2013 and go until I reach the 10,000th reason or until the day of Thanksgiving. Doing it as a prayer journal and name them as I think of them.

Often when we don’t stop and reflect; we tend to not notice it until something happens. We often remember the storms more than our blessings.

Doing this is challenging to stop and reflect. Working in this list a little at a time helped. I know it would be hard to sit down and try to do all 10,000 reasons at one time. We all get in twinned with family, work and much more we don’t take the time to reflect.

I may have not come up with 10,000 reasons, but I am sure God can see 10,000 or more reasons in my heart, cause he knows our heart. As Matt Redman’s song says:

Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find

I am thankful or blessed for:

  1. God that He sent His Son died for my sins.
  2. Roof over my head
  3. My beautiful daughter
  4. My pastor, Pastor Bob Neal
  5. Loving Biblical based Church
  6. Bless that my daughter also serves in the church
  7. My godly girlfriend, Suzanne.
  8. Blessed to see her serving her church
  9. Food to eat
  10. Drink to drink
  11. Clothes to wear
  12. Having a job
  13. Live in a country where we can freely worship God
  14. Live in a country where we can freely vote for the godly person we believe God wants to run in that office
  15. Transportation, (having a car)
  16. My mother
  17. My sister
  18. My niece Mikayla
  19. My niece Megan
  20. My earthy father, despite he was never there, I do know my Heaven Father is always there.
  21. Rest of my family
  22. My associates degree in Graphic Design
  23. Andersonville Theological Seminary where I am working on my Bachelors in Theology.
  24. My great friend who is also a pastor, Justin Breeden
  25. Being blessed with this blog to share God’s word
  26. Gospel tracts to freely give to people to share God’s Word
  27. Gospel of Johns to freely give to people to share God’s Word
  28. Being able to work with the youth, my calling I feel, at my church
  29. God provides for me
  30. God delivers me
  31. That the Bible is not banded in my country
  32. My friends
  33. Being able to serve on the van ministry at church
  34. Great theologian: Charles Spurgeon
  35. Great theologian: Sidlow Baxter
  36. Internet: so I can do my more research on my Bible studies and lessons that I give
  37. Free bin at McKay’s used books where I can pick up free Christian books
  38. For the ability to see, I may be near sighted, but I still can see.
  39. For the ability to hear, I may be able to hear back ground noises better than foreground, but I can still hear.
  40. Ability to walk
  41. Ability to use my hands
  42. For a fairly healthy health
  43. Live in America, land of the free
  44. I have not got to see all 50 states, but bless I have got to see the stats I have.
  45. That I am an Eagle Scout
  46. Technology and how fast you can now get a message across to someone
  47. Christian music artist, who put out their music and give us inspiration and encouragement
  48. Christian Music stations that play nothing but Christian music
  49. For my gift of love
  50. For my gift of encouragement
  51. Assurance of knowing where I am going when I die
  52. Being able to out and witness with other believers
  53. God never leaves us, we may leave Him, but He is there waiting for us to come back.
  54. Godly people that are in my life
  55. I can freely pray for my friends, family, etc who are lost so they can be found
  56. I can freely say grace, blessing, etc before I eat at a restaurant
  57. Men and Woman who have fought to keep our freedoms in America. (both past, present and future)
  58. Team Kids and Team Youth at church, how you can learn from them and watching them grow toward Christ.
  59. My mistakes in my life, cause they are what shaped me and brings me closer to God and shows me the dependency on God we must have
  60. Holy Spirit guides us, shows us when we are doing wrong or corrects us to do right.
  61. Be able to go to Xtreme Winter with the Youth
  62. Got to go to summer camp with the youth
  63. Social media and ability to use it for good
  64. Godly folks who write our Sunday School lessons
  65. Godly folks who write our Discipleship Training lessons
  66. Godly folks who share their commentary
  67. Bible having various translations so we can get a better understanding, just use caution looking at various translations
  68. God’s creation and the beauty of what He created
  69. Things you give us we take for granted
  70. Blessings of others giving to us
  71. Blessings of others serving us
  72. Fellowship of other believers
  73. Prayer Warriors
  74. Men and Women who protect and service our communities
  75. Encouragement from other people
  76. Unknown blessing
  77. Future blessings
  78. Past blessings, that this list may not have covered
  79. People who stopped on the interstate to look at my car when it broke down
  80. Adam, my Sunday School Teacher
  81. Charlotte, my Discipleship Training teacher
  82. Groups of people that provide snacks on Wed for Team Kid, and Team Youth
  83. My sister who helps me with my daughter, although my sister says my daughter is more of a help to her.
  84. God’s promises
  85. God is a just judge
  86. God saved me from hell, which is what we all deserve as sinners
  87. Christian based Movies
  88. Christian concerts
  89. Open Doors that God blesses us with
  90. Closed Doors that God saves us from
  91. Awesome God that I serve
  92. Any day that I wake up
  93. Never failing love of God
  94. Heat my home when its cold
  95. Air my home when it is hot
  96. Electricity
  97. Education
  98. Forgiveness
  99. Sports
  100. Southern hospitality
  101. Churches that can get together in unity
  102. My knowledge
  103. Answered Prayers
  104. Unanswered Prayers
  105. Everything

It is only when we show gratification to God daily that we can transform Thanksgiving into Thanks living. So let’s remember to show God how much we are thankful for what he does in our lives; the good or bad, on  a daily bases and if not that, several times or more throughout the day.

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