Fall Back: Day Light Saving Time Ends
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Fall Back: Day Light Saving Time Ends

Fall back one hour. Change your clocks, change your batteries. If you don’t change your clocks back one hour you will be early to church. Just a very little tid-bit of Day Light Saving Time. #TimeChange #FallBack

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Where were you when the world stop turning that September Day?

Where were you when the world stop turning that September day? That day America was attacked by terrorist. 9/11 We will never forget. #PatriotDay #911 #September11

August 6
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Fun & Interesting Facts About August 6

Fun & Interesting Facts About August 6 – August 6, 2020, I celebrate my 44th birthday, being born in 1976 in Knoxville, Tennessee which makes me a Bicentennial baby too. #August6

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St. Patrick’s Day

So what is St. Patrick’s Day? Did you know it was a Christian Holiday? Who is St. Patrick, what is the shamrock and why the color green and more … #StPatrick #StPatricksDay #Green #SaintPatrick #SaintPatricksDay

February is the shortest month, but there's no definitive answer why. (TF142952)
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February: Fun Facts

February is the shortest month of the year, but many people have no idea why that is. Here are some fun facts about this shortest month of the year. #February #FebruaryFunFacts #FunFactsFebruary

Smokey Bear
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Smokey Bear celebrates his birthday

Smokey Bear National Forest Mascot has a birthday, find out when, and how old he is. Remember only you can prevent forest fires. #SmokeytheBear

American, Tennessee & Christian Flags
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Flag Day

Flag Day a holiday in June where we celebrate flags. I share the pledge to the American & Christian Flag. #FlagDay #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag #Flag

Two Donald Trump Business Cards one autographed
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Two Donald Trump Business Cards

Sharing two business cards from Donald Trump. One of the business cards is autographed by Donald Trump #DonaldTrump #RealTrump #Trump #Trump2016 #BusinessCards

ice cream sandwich
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Ice Cream Sandwich that Won’t Melt

Ice Cream Sandwich that Won’t Melt, the ice cream in this product won’t melt. There are various experiments on YouTube showing that they won’t melt in the heat. Plus find out when National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is. #IceCreamSandwich

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Square Root Day 04/04/16

Square Root Day – What is square root day? When is square root day? How often does this day occur? A day for you math geniuses. #SquareRootDay

Back to the Future II
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Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II setting was October 21, 2015. It is now 2015, was the predictions from that movie true? Can we trust movie or people’s predictions?

Death by Selife image
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Death by Selfie

Death by Selfie. It is now being reported that more people die from taking a selfie than a person attached by a shark. #Selfie #Selfies #Shark

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The Science Teacher and the Christian Student

A science teacher and a student talk about belief in God. Student shows the teacher about having Faith God exist. So I titled this The Science Teacher and the Christian Student. Read this story and tell me what you think?

Wendy's Share Your Heart Cup
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Share Your Heart for Adoption

Wendy’s is donating money every time you share your heart for adoption. #Share4Adoption

Melissa Bour
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Melissa Bour: Your Picture Gets Around!

Melissa Bour: Your Picture Gets Around! I saw your Oklahoma picture here in the state of Tennessee.

2015 Calendar
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2015 Calendar

Download and print this FREE 2015 Calendar compliments of the Blog Ministry of Courageous Christian Father. #2015 #2015Calendar

200,000 Pageviews
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200,000 Total PageViews

I have reached 200,000 pageviews on Courageous Christian Father.

Courageous Christian Father Seal/Logo
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New Courageous Christian Father Seal/Logo

New Courageous Christian Father Seal/Logo – this is the black and white version of the new logo for Courageous Christian Father, done like a seal.

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Manners Matter!

Manners matter or do they? Does Saying “Thank You” “Your Welcome” “Yes Sir” “No Sir” “Yes Ma’am” “No Ma’am” “Excuse Me” etc. still matter?

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Just reached 150,000 total page views!

iPhone: Remove From Recents
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iPhone: Remove from Recents

I share with you how to remove recent contacts on your iPhone, these are the ones you see when you go to compose a message in iMessenger or Email. #iphone

Do Not Call Registry
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Do Not Call Registry

Do you want to stop telemarketers or unwanted, unsolicited phone or cellular calls? Then I would suggestion the Do Not Call Registry. You can add your numbers to the list.

Iced Coffee @ Chick-fil-A
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Iced Coffee & New Hot Coffee at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A now serves iced coffee and a new hot coffee by a new vender. Read more about this new product they are offering, when should they have it and more. #coffee #chickfila

Black iPhone
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How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP) – The Verizon iPhone now able to be put onto Straight Talk. #iPhone #StraightTalk

Willie Baronet Homeless Signs Artwork | Photo Courtsey Willie Baronet
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Homeless: How much is your sign worth?

If you were homeless, how much would you sell your cardboard sign asking for money? #homeless

Mr. Steve, Agency D3 Youth Cadet Supervisor, Piedmont Baptist Church
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Remove your lids

I blog about “Remove Your Lids”. Removing your lid shows respect. When should we remove our lids? What is a lid? Find out in this blog entry. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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Blog vinyl for my car

I ordered me a vinyl to put on the back of my car with my blog’s shorted web address so others can see it. #ChristianBlogR.com

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WonderWorks Review

I do a review of WonderWorks, a museum type attraction that you can take the kids and whole family to. Find out my experience at WonderWorks. #WonderWorks

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Avoid Title Pawns

Do not take out a Title Pawn loan. This blog post talks about an experience and why I believe you shouldn’t take a title pawn out on your vehicle.

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10,000 Reasons

What are you thankful for? Can you count them one by one? How about this, can you count 10,000 reasons?

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Gospel Balloon Release

Gospel Balloon Release: What is a Gospel Balloon Release and how can you do it? This blog post shares with another way to spared the Gospel through a helium balloon.

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To Boost your Post on your Facebook Page or Not

Do you own a Christian blog or web site? Do you have a corresponding Facebook Page for that blog or web site? Have you ever thought about using the promote feature to promote a certain post on your Facebook Page? Then, read on with my experience and I will discuss …
To Boost your Post on your Facebook Page or Not that is the question.

PH1735 - Put your cell phone away.
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Put your cell phone away and keep your hands on the wheel

Tips, advice and dangers texting and driving. Put your cell phone away. Distracted driving is very dangerous. #StoptheText

Square Root Day
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Square Root Day 03/03/09

Square Root Day – What is square root day? When is square root day?

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What does Chattanooga mean?

Do anyone know what Chattanooga means? What does Tennessee mean? The Cree and Cherokees gave these names. #Chattanooga #Tennessee