God is Always Watching

God is always watching

God is Always Watching!
God is Always Watching!

God is always watching

God is similar to a security camera, but with no flaws. He sees all! God is always watching! There is nothing that will be missed. Just think of it this way, he sees and watches us 24/7, non-stop. There is nothing out of his sign that he won’t miss. He won’t fall asleep on the job. God’s view is never out of focus either. God has a never ending memory. He knows everything! God also has night time vision. So he can see you in the darkest of places and even in the brightest of places. You cannot hide from God either.

We are always in the line of sight of God. A security camera often has limited range of sight, often it can be out of focus or not able to see at night. God never loses focus on what we are doing. God can see us in the light and the dark. He has night vision you can say. He can see us in the darkest and deepest cave, at the bottom of the ocean, top of the tallest mountain, in an airplane or even a spaceship on the moon.

God can always hear us. God is not deaf to what we say. He can even hear our thoughts from our minds and hearts.

When you see a security camera, let it remind you that God is always watching you. He is always listening to us too.

A real security camera truly gives you a false sense of security. You never know if it captured what it is pointed at. It could be out of focus, not working, it could not have been recorded and the security person watching the cameras, may not be on that screen or even looking at the monitors at that time of occurrence.Most security cameras have a limited line of sight, a certain distances and angle that it will pick up. Some security cameras only record video and not sound. Others that do may not pick it up well.

Remember real security cameras have flaws, God doesn’t! Nothing gets past God! We cannot hide from God either. He is always watching and sees everything we do. He also hears everything too! He even knows our heart!

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First published May 19, 2014. Republished February 28, 2016.

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