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Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko

Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko – Levi Lusko’s book, Through the Eyes of a Lion, invites readers on a transformative journey of hope and healing. In this powerful memoir, Lusko shares his personal story of loss, grief, and ultimately, faith.

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Cure International Ministry: Transforming Lives Through Healing

Cure International ministry is an inspiring organization dedicated to bringing healing and wholeness to children with disabilities in underprivileged areas around the world. With a vision to serve those who are often forgotten and marginalized, Cure International has been spreading hope and transforming lives for over two decades.

The Jesus Revolution - Time Magazine Cover
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The Jesus Revolution

What is the Jesus Revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s where Billy Graham preached the Cotton Bowl at Explo ’72. What’s going on today for the Jesus Revolution? #JesusChangesEverything #JesusMovement #JesusRevolution

God is our Refuge
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God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore we will not fear

God is our Refuge & Strength in Trouble. I share a graphic I saw on Facebook and discuss God is our Refuge in this blog post.

Healing Prayer of the Day - Today's Prayer of the Day focuses on Healing. #Healing #prayeroftheDay
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Healing Prayer of the Day

Healing Prayer of the Day – Today’s Prayer of the Day focuses on Healing. #Healing #prayeroftheDay

Time doesn't heal! Jesus heals! The amount of time it takes us to heal was the amount of time God allowed us to heal. It is all about His time, not our time!
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Time doesn’t heal … Jesus heals!

Time doesn’t heal! Jesus heals! The amount of time it takes us to heal was the amount of time God allowed us to heal. It is all about His time, not our time!

Decision Texas The Lone Star Tour cover #DecisionTexas #LoneStarTour
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Graham helps bring prayer, hope and healing with Decision Texas: The Lone Star Tour

Graham helps bring prayer, hope and healing with Decision Texas: The Lone Star Tour. Franklin Graham, who was in Texas shortly after Hurricane Harvey with chaplains and relief teams from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, which are now working in five locations across the state to help people who have suffered storm and flood damage, will return next month with Decision Texas: The Lone Star Tour. Graham will be asking Texans to join him in praying for recovery not only from the storm, but for the miracle America desperately needs to solve the political, racial and cultural divisions plaguing our country. #DecisionTexas #LoneStarTour

Septoplasty nasal stents image
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Nasal Stents removed

10 days after my Septoplasty nasal surgery, I got my nasal stents removed. It felt good to have them removed. Read about that experience.

Septoplasty nasal stents image
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Nasal Stents during Thanksgiving

I blog about my experience with Septoplasty nasal stents during Thanksgiving and if it caused me to want to eat more or eat less. #NasalSents #Septoplasty

inferior turbinate septum - Septoplasty
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Post Op Nasal Surgery

My nasal surgery went well from Friday, November 20, 2015. I am in Post Op right now. I wanted to…

Praying Hands - Missionaries
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Everyday Life in Prayer

Everyday Life in Prayer: Prayer is the answer. For all things we are to be in prayer. #prayer

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The Science Teacher and the Christian Student

A science teacher and a student talk about belief in God. Student shows the teacher about having Faith God exist. So I titled this The Science Teacher and the Christian Student. Read this story and tell me what you think?

Hezekiah Walker "Every Praise" screenshot
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Hezekiah Walker “Every Praise” Music Video

Check out this Flash Mob Gospel singing the song Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker in Birmingham, AL at the Five Points South Fountain. #EveryPraise

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Names of God in the Old Testament

Names of God as it was used in the Old Testament of the Bible, along with a Bible reference for you. Plus a Christian song with one of these names of God in it.

Do You Believe
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Do You Believe? Movie Review & Trailer

I share my review and thoughts about the new Christian movie, Do You Believe? If you were charged with being a Christian Would there be enough evidence to convict you? Do you really believe in the Cross of Jesus Christ? #DoYouBelieve

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Home Run Movie Review

Home Run, A Christian faith-based film. This film is about addiction and overcoming it. This film also talks about Celebrate Recovery. I briefly talk about this film and review it. #HomeRun

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10,000 Reasons

What are you thankful for? Can you count them one by one? How about this, can you count 10,000 reasons?

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Hope for Hurting Hearts Movie Review

Do you have a hurting heart that needs help? There is an answer! Do you think there is no end? Do you want to know how to find that? Check out this blog post on this film Hope for Hurting Hearts and see for yourself if you can find it too.

Unconditional Movie Review
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Unconditional Movie Review

This is a movie review for the Movie “Unconditional” with also the trailer to that movie. Samantha has a storybook life then loses her faith when her husband is killed in a senseless act of violence. Sam’s faith reignites when she meets a childhood friend who cares for children in his under-resourced neighborhood. #Unconditional

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Nick Hall “Reset/Recharge” from WinterJam 2013

I found a video from Nick Hall who gave a sermon on Reset, Recharge. Putting worldly things behind and put God first. Put your eyes on Jesus and reflect your light! (From WinterJam 2013 tour)