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Valentine’s Day Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things related to the day of love to Valentine’s Day! No fair peeking at the answers either! Also is a printable version too!

Valentine’s Day Quiz

1. How many martyred saints are believed to be named St. Valentine?

  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 7
  4. 16

2. This February holiday was originally observed on February 14th.

  1. Lincoln’s birthday
  2. Washington’s birthday
  3. Mardi Gras
  4. Groundhog Day

3. Which confectionery company produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the late 1800s?

  1. Hershey
  2. Nestle
  3. Cadbury
  4. Mars

4. Approximately 110 million of these will be sold and delivered within the three days surrounding Valentine’s Day.

  1. chocolates
  2. roses
  3. cards
  4. emails

5. Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?

  1. teachers
  2. wives
  3. mothers
  4. children

6. This Italian city was where Romeo and Juliet lived in Shakespeare’s tale.

  1. Rome
  2. Naples
  3. Tuscany
  4. Verona

7. In what year did Hallmark launch its first Valentine’s Day product?

  1. 1913
  2. 1915
  3. 1917
  4. 1919

8. Who gives chocolates in most of the Oriental Countries such as South Korea and Japan?

  1. Men Gift Women Chocolates
  2. Women Gift Men Chocolates
  3. Don’t Gift Chocolates
  4. Both Equally

9. What letter has become the symbol for a “kiss”?

  1. X
  2. O
  3. K
  4. Y

10. This confection is made from sugar or honey and almond meal.

  1. fondant
  2. chocolate
  3. caramel
  4. marzipan

Valentine's Day Quiz Printable Version

Valentine’s Day Quiz – Click image to Download Printable Version!

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Answers: 1. b 2. d 3. c 4. b 5. a 6. d 7. a 8. b 9. a. 10. d


Quiz compliments of Metro Creative TF142928 with revisions and modifications from myself.

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