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The Penny Date

The Penny Date, a great way to take out your spouse, family, one you are dating or maybe take the youth group out and do an event or go out witnessing. #PennyDate

I saw this on Facebook. It is called The Penny Date. #PennyDate

The Penny Date

This might be a great way to take the person you are dating, married to or the family.

  • Husband take out your wife
  • Wife take out your Husband
  • Dad take out your daughter
  • Mom take out your son
  • Take out the whole family
  • As a youth group do an activity or witness in that area
  • Valentine Date
  • Anniversary Date
  • Wedding Date
  • Prom Date
  • Regular Date
  • First Date
  • Lost Penny Day
The Penny Date! Get dressed up! Take a penny and let it tell you where to go. #PennyDate Click To Tweet

See the graphic and directions below.

The Penny Date
The Penny Date image


  1. Get dressed up to go out and grab a penny.
  2. Let your date (or group) choose a number between 10 and 20. (This will be the number of times you flip the coin.)
  3. Head out of your road and begin. Heads is right. Tails is left.
  4. Every time you come to a junction (intersection), flip the pennyand turn in that direction.
  5. Once you get to that number …. STOP Look around and make a date or witnessing project out of the area you are at.

What is your experience with the penny date. Did you take out your spouse, date, family, youth group, etc.? Please feel free to share your experience.

Penny Post

Valentine Post

Unsure where this graphic came from but in the corner, it has heart 96-107. First published August 9, 2015. Last updated or republished February 5, 2020.

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The Penny Date
Article Name
The Penny Date
An idea to use a penny to determine your path and location to go on your date. It makes it totally random. #PennyDate
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