A-Z of Valentine’s Day

A-Z of Valentine’s Day – A list of things relating to Valentine’s Day from the letter A to the letter Z. #ValentinesDay #Valentines

A-Z of Valentine’s Day

A-Z of Valentine’s Day - A list of things relating to Valentine's Day from the letter A to the letter Z. #ValentinesDay #Valentines

A – Arrows of Cupid

B – Be Mine can be found on conversation hearts.

C – Chocolate – A popular gift to get your Valentine.

D – Dates – A popular day for going on a date.

E – Engagement – Popular day for people to get engaged.

F – February 14 – The Day we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

G – Giggling over that loved one

H – Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box

I – I Love You!

J – Just Married (Popular day for a man and woman to get married)

K – Kisses (What you give your loved one)

L – Love what Valentine’s is about

M – Marriage – A popular day for couples to get married.

N – Note of Love also known as a Love Note

O – O’s & X’s!

P – Proposals

Q – Quiz Time! Test your Valentine’s knowledge!

R – Roses One of the most popular days to send roses to a loved one.

S – St. Valentine – Yes he was a true person!

T – True Love the one God blessed you with.

U – Us that just means you and I

V – Valentine’s – Those cards you gave out in school.

W – Weddings – Many of these will take place on Valentine’s Day

X – X’s & O’s!

Y – Yearning to be with that loved one

Z – Zeal and enjoyment of your loved one’s presence.

What could I have used for each of these letters?

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