Death happens

Death Happens
Death Happens

Death is part of life. Eventually we all will die. I know its hard and we don’t want our love ones to die. We get selfish and wish that they were still here on earth. Old saying we should mourn the born and rejoice in the dead. If your loved one is saved, they are in a better place.

Death Happens

Why do we die? That stems from the first sin by Eve, then to Adam. That was the fall of man. Sin entered the world. They didn’t listen to God. They were told they could not eat from the forbidden fruit. Satan, tempted Eve, who took a bite. Then, Eve tempted Adam, who also took a bite. Because man didn’t listen to God, he caused their sin, which is disobedience to God, and caused a penalty for it. That penalty is an earthly death.  (See Romans 3:23)

This is why it’s important to accept Jesus as your personal Savior because we’re never promised tomorrow. We could die at any time without notice or Jesus could come back at any time without notice as well. We all have eternal life. Our eternity after death, depends on if we Accept Jesus or Reject Jesus.

If you accepted Jesus and you die you have eternal life with Him in heaven no more pain, no more suffering and present with God. Jesus is the way to heaven, the only way.

You can’t trust yourself. You can’t trust your church. Church membership doesn’t do it. Trying to live right doesn’t do it. There’s no one good/righteous. Jesus is the  only one that was and He paid our debt. He died on the cross for our sins. He bore our sins on the cross. He did this so we can have eternal life with Him with our Father in Heaven.

Sadly if you reject Jesus you will spend eternity in hell. Hell is full of pain, suffering, torture, and absence from God. The Bible tells us hell is a real place. I have always heard it talks more of hell than it does heaven.

One other thing we do we usually get selfish and wish God for healing on a person when they’re terminally ill but maybe we should pray that their salvation is good and that God wills on either healing or taking him home in heaven.

After all in heaven there is no more temptation of sin as well.

Really we have eternal life it is just where our final destination will be. Find out more about that at: Your Final Destination

This has been another food for thought blog post.

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