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What is it about your dashed line on your tombstone that really counts? What does that dashed line mean? What can you do during that time?

Why is the dashed line on your tomb stone count? Well this is what you have done with your life while you were on Earth (from birth to death).

The Dashed Line (photo compliments of MetroGraphicServices)
The Dashed Line (photo compliments of MetroGraphicServices)

Why is this important?

Did you do things to

benefit the Kingdom of God or have you done things to hinder the benefit of the Kingdom of God?

This is the time that we have to reach the lost and save them. The Great Commission. We are called to share the Gospel to everyone. So take advantage of your dashed line while you are living to share the Gospel.

Witness to people, evangelize, hand out Gospel Tracks, etc. Do whatever you can do save the lost from dying and going to hell. After all don’t you want people you know to go to heaven with you?

Think of it this way, in the movie “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”, Mr. Sprerry says while in a cemetery, listen to the tomb stones. “Do you hear that?” … “You can hear whispers …”

“Why didn’t you tell me about Jesus!”

Tell someone today about Jesus, we never know when it will be our time to leave Earth and end the dashed mark or even another persons.

How are you living your life? What are you doing to benefit the Kingdom of God? What will your dashed line say about you? Will God be pleased with your dashed line? Are you breaking the chains?


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