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Happy Father’s Day

I would like to take this time to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. Father’s Day, celebrated the third Sunday of June each year in America. (See below a list of future Father’s Day dates)

Happy Father’s Day

I would also like to wish all the single moms raising their kids by themselves a very Happy Father’s Day as well because they are both mom and dad. It sure is a tough job being both parents I should know because I’m a dad who is also a mom. I have raised my child who is now an Adult Child. Co-parenting as they call is hard too, but with God all things are possible.

Father's Day

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day also to those people raising children that is not theirs. Grand Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Friends, Cousins, Foster, Step etc.

Also special Happy Father’s Day to the men serving our country and cannot be with her children or family. With that we salute you, Sir! We also thank you for your service to our country and the great sacrifice you do to protect our freedoms. God bless you, watch over you and keep you safe.

Happy Father’s Day to my Earthly Father

I would also like to wish my dad, Clinton Donald Patterson, Jr., (Sonny Patterson), a Happy Father’s Day. My dad has not been in my life since I was a young child. I still wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He may never see this blog or blog post or even know that I am wishing him one. I forgave him for not being in my life.

Happy Father’s Day to my Heavenly Father

My earthly father wasn’t a part of my life, but, I am glad to have a Heavenly Father who NEVER has abandoned me. My Heavenly Father is very active in my life. You’re a Good, Good Father.

Brief History of Father’s Day

Sonora Smart Dodd started the idea of Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington from listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.  Dobb’s wanted to make a special day for her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran.

Sonora wanted to recognize her father for his specialness and the role he played in her life.  She wanted to honor her father’s sacrifices, selflessness, and love he showed for his children. (SupportForStepDads.com)

The first Father’s Day, celebrated June 19, 1910, 106 years ago from the date of this bog posting. As Father’s Day in 2016 is on June 19, also William Jackson Smart’s birthday. Father’s Day was first taken like a joke. Today no one is joking about Father’s Day.

Various presidents brought up this holiday in 1972 when Richard Nixon made it official and celebrated the third Sunday in June of each year.

Read more about the history at SupportForStepDads.com

Future Father’s Day Dates

  • 2018: June 17
  • 2019: June 16
  • 2020: June 21

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Did you know Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated the first Sunday of September?

Dad’s Are Awesome!

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First Published on Father’s Day 2012, Republished with Additions Each Year on Father’s Day. Last Republished on June 18, 2017.

Joyeux Fête des Pères! 

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My name is Steve Patterson and I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have been blogging at Courageous Christian Father since 2012, however, I have been blogging since around 2004. At church I help with the youth, van ministry, ushering or wherever else needed. Currently, I am working on my bachelors of theology. I am a father of an adult child. I work as a graphic designer. I also love listening to nothing but Christian Music. I am an Eagle Scout class of 1994. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

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