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What if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook

Prodigal Son & Father – Talk about how it might be like if Prodigal Son and Father had Facebook. Just imagine if Facebook was around in Bible times. This is imaginary and what I perceive it might have been like if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook.

What if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook

What if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook

The Father

The Father might be posting things about the work on the farm. Maybe even missing his son. The father would take concern in what he is posting. The father may post a picture about old faithful tractor still going at it.

The Son

The Son is posting about living it up. He may even post pictures of him partying. Not to mention, the women he has on his side. The son wouldn’t care what he posted. The son would brag about his lavish spending. The fancy sports car he now owns.

Checking each other’s profiles

The father would see how his son is heading for destruction. While the son is checking his father’s Facebook and saying man I have it made here. I am living it up. I don’t have to do that stuff.

Full Story

The full story is found in Luke 15:11-32. Read it for yourself and then just imagine what it would have been like if the son and the father both had Facebook. This is known as the Parable of the Lost Son or even the Prodigal Son. According to a prodigal is a person who spends, or has spent, his or her money or substance with wasteful extravagance. In that instance the word is a noun.  As an adjective it can mean, wasteful, reckless and extravagant.

Summery of the ending of the story

As the son realizes he has reached the bottom, he would reflect on what his father has posted and how truly blesses he was living with his father. He would then return. I am sure after the father runs to his son and hugs him that the father would want a selfie with his son. The father would post something like He’s back! The father wouldn’t care that his son is muddy or even covered in pig poop etc. He would still hug him and get that selfie with his son.

Jesus Restores

The great thing is the son is welcomed back as family and not as hired help. His son got restored! Total forgiveness. Just the same, Christ totally restores us. He forgives us totally! We must come back to him like the prodigal son did to his father.
Images and artwork compliments of MetroCreative.

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