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Father’s Day Candy Bar Greeting Card

Father’s Day Candy Bar Greeting Card – I saw this graphic on Facebook recently again. It has a greeting message on the card. Some of it written by hand and the other part uses a candy bar or the words. See the image below.

Father’s Day Candy Bar Greeting Card

Father's Day Candy Bar Greeting Card

This looks very easy to make. You just need a marker, a poster board and candy bars.

This can make this for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday or for any thing!

Below is what the card says, bold are spots for the  candy bar.

Dad, we were going to give you a whopp –ing 100 Grand for Fathers Day, but the money slipped through our Butterfinger -s. We didn’t have an Extra WhatYouMaCallIt to sell and it wasn’t PayDay. We didn’t think a pet KitKat, a trip to New York, or an Orbit around the MilkyWay would be appropriate. We do want to wish you Mounds of AlmondJoy both Now and Later as you eat this card. We hope it doesn’t make you Rolo ver and get sick. If it does, we promise not to Snicker. Love your favorite Air Head Brian, Air Head Holly, Air Head Kaylee, and Air Head Tyson.

I will have to say this was very clever. Not to mention, you could come up with more creative messages too. But, this was rather neat and I wanted to share it. Plus, I love it the kids sign it with Air Head candy. Clever!

You know this Father’s Day Candy Bar Greeting Card looks good enough to eat, but if it was me, I would more like save it and keep it. How about you?


First published June 21, 2015. Last republished or updated June 16, 2017.

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