Dad sayings

Dad sayings – when certain situations arise … here are some common sayings that dads say. Dadisms #dadisms #dadsayings #dad

Dad sayings

Dad sayings - when certain situations arise … here are some common sayings that dads say. Dadisms #dadisms #dadsayings #dad

1. If something doesn’t ring up at the register …

It must be free!

2. If you take awhile in the restroom …

Did you fall in?

3. You give a child small amount of money …

Don’t spend it all in one place.

4. When you say to turn one direction and you turn in the wrong direction.

Your other (left or right).

5. When the kids ask if they can do something …

Go ask your mother (often the mom will also tell the kids go ask your father)

6. If their kid hurt a leg or arm …

I guess they will have to amputate (or cut) it off. (Or run some dirt on it)

7. When it’s time to go somewhere …

Ready to rock n roll?

8. If something is heavy …

No it’s not heavy, it’s just awkward.

9. When dad sees bales of hay while driving …

He will shout, Hey! And wave. Making kids, others in the car look around to see who dad was talking to.

10. When dad has the stud finder tool.

He will put it on him and say found it!

11. Before looking at a bill.

Dads would say what’s the damage.

12. When seeing neighbor washing their car.

Is mine next?

13. When falling asleep in the living room.

I’m just resting my eyes

14. Falling asleep watching tv and someone turns it off or changes the Channel.

I was watching that

15. When seeing someone they know in public.

I guess they just let anyone in here.

16. When seeing traffic backed up going through other way.

I’m glad we aren’t going that way.

17. When he forgets his keys.

  • I can’t get far with out these.
  • I’m gonna need these.

18. If you leave door open.

  • Do you live in a barn?
  • I’m not paying to heat the outside.
  • I’m not paying to cool the outside.

19. When you are driving in a town.

People don’t know how to drive in this town.

20. When it rains.

We need this rain.

21. After declining an additional warranty.

That’s how they get you.!

22. When someone comes back inside when they forget something.

  • Back already?
  • How was it?
  • Did you have fun?

23. After tying or securing something down.

That ain’t going anywhere.

What are more dad sayings in situations to add to this list?

Feel free to share in the comments.

Check back, as I plan to add more!

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