Fatherhood – What’s it like being a Dad

Fatherhood – What’s it like being a Dad a SkitGuys Short film. SkitGuys is one of my favorite Christian Comedian acts. I think you will really enjoy this video!

Fatherhood – What’s it like being a Dad

A SkitGuys video on Fatherhood. This skit is on what’s it like being a dad? This dad daydreams about what it is like being a dad in this video. I think he pretty much hit the nail dead on. This video is very moving, emotional.

  • Kiss Her Dad! #GagMe
  • Dead Fish
  • Teaching Driving
  • Birds and Bees Speech
  • Child falling asleep on couch
  • Playing Catch
  • Science experiment
  • Have I Told You
  • Dad You’re Disgusting
  • Money
  • Boyfriend breakup
  • Jumping into the pool
  • Blessing of the meal
  • & More

What’s it like being a dad? How Much Time Do you Got?

This is a short video, 5:08 in length.

Happy Father’s Day!

Click here to watch the video

First published May 31 2015. Last updated or republished June 17, 2020.

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