Experience God’s Creation at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum located in Petersburg, KY part of the Answers in Genesis (AiG) is a museum where you can experience God’s Creation and even see science and biblical facts on the creation. The Creation Museum is just south of Cincinnati, OH. This museum opened around 2007.

Experience the Creation at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum is a great place to take your family, youth group, church group or even home school student to. It is a 75,000-square-foot museum. It is full of Science and Biblical History and more! Some and plan to spend the whole day here! There is a lot to soak in and absorb. A lot of knowledge and facts to learn too.

From Jefferson City, TN to The Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY it took about four and half hours to get there. The drive is worth it!

The Apostle Paul and Steve at the Creation Museum
The Apostle Paul and Steve at the Creation Museum


When you arrive, you get a brochure with things for that day and upcoming. Plus a map of the museum. It tells you about what was included with your admission . It also tells you things that can added on, like Star Gazing, Zip Line and more. The nature trail was closed due to the weather when I came. It was raining and lightening. But they were still doing the zip line, which concerned me.

Walk through History

You will get to walk through history and learn about God’s Creation. You can get scientific and biblical answers to things for today and then. Here they use the Bible as the starting point for the scientific reasoning. It also shows us the effects on compromise and abandoning God’s Word. You will get to learn about Adam and Even and the Fall and other Biblical people too.

Stargazer’s Planetarium

I didn’t get to do this, this was an extra charge exhibit. They have two shows you can go to. Aliens: Fact or Fiction and Created Cosmos. But ti does sound like an interesting exhibit to add on to your experience. These are done at timed events. When, I go back, I will try my best to watch both of these extra add on videos. Then during Christmas they have the Christmas Star video.

Special Effects Theater

I didn’t get a chance to go to this presentations. They have two and they are at timed events. They have two shows you can watch. Men in White and The Last Adam. The Men in White talks about the truth of Creation over Evolution. The Last Adam talks about Jesus Christ and his birth, death, resurrection and His return. I wished I had gone to these, these two videos would have been great to watch. Maybe, I can watch these the next time I visit.

Petting Zoo

I didn’t know they had a petting zoo until I got home. I am now looking at the map. I was there and just trying to soak in the exhibits while I was there.  It makes me wonder if I missed any exhibits, I followed around what I thought was the way to go, but I don’t recall passing an area that said petting zoo.  That might be from where the nature trail area was closed. So that means I missed the Carnivorous Bog Garden, Koi Pond, Rain Forest, Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden and a few others.

Snacks and Foods

The Creation Museum does offer several places to get some food and drinks during your visit. Palm Pizza, Noah’s Cafe and Noah’s Coffee.

Advanced Museum Tour

Just like the Titanic Museum, they have an enhanced museum tour. But, unlike the Titanic museum, you don’t have to have a special device, you can use your phone or the free Wi-Fi and go to a web page about that exhibit. It gives you a code number. You can call the phone number or go to the web page link for that exhibit. Amazing the power of technology today!

The 7 C’s in God’s Eternal Plan

I really did enjoy my visit and I liked the theme that went along with the 7 C’s in God’s Eternal Plan. They take each of these seven elements and do exhibits based on them. Come out and experience these seven areas.

  1. Creation (In the beginning God made a perfection Creation)
  2. Corruption (First man, First Adam, disobeyed the creator)
  3. Catastrophe (The Great Flood)
  4. Confusion (Various Languages came in)
  5. Christ (where the Second Adam came and lived sinless life)
  6. Cross (Jesus came to die to save us)
  7. Consummation (Creation of the New Heaven and Earth and destroys death)

I liked how they stuck to the same alphabet series using the letter “C”.

Other things

You can experience preserved insects at Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium. You can even learn about Dragon Legends and see if these may have been dinosaurs. You will even get to learn about dinosaurs and the Bible too.

Through out the museum you will see things that say Man’s Word Vs. God’s Word. There is even a Dino-Mite reading area. They have special times and such for this. The Dino-Mite is for ages 3-8 years old.

Others have said

During my visit I did get to talk to guest at the museum. I talked to a couple from Roane Mount, TN and they loved their visit. Even a family from Florida was enjoying their visit too. I got to talk to a man who brought his grand children with him. This family was from Wichita, KS. We were in a room with tons of magazine covers plastered on the walls showing how evil the world is. This man said to me, “We can add more deadlines to this wall on a daily basis”. That statement is true, we are becoming a darker and more sinful world. A World rejecting God and His Son.

At the same spot, I got to talk to couple of people from Calvary Family Church in Indianapolis, IN. One of the ladies in the group told me they had 28 people in their group. See you can bring your church folks! The two from that church group was also enjoying their visit.


The Creation Museum has videos through out the museum you can watch. These videos are short videos. There is one about a boy on a killing spree and doing drugs. Another video of a teenaged girl thinking about abortion. Another video on boys not paying attention in church. There was even one that had a woman that loved to gossip.

There is even a video, 6 Days, that talks about the six days of creation. One area has several monitors and they go over 15 videos in all. Each video is between 1 – 2 minutes in length. They go in order.

Answers in Genesis (AiG)

Per the brochure for Answers in Genesis, they are a non-profit ministry that helps Christians to understand and defend their faith, as well as communicate the gospel message to a culture that no longer believes the Bible is true.

They use the Bible and Science to show you the Bible is true and it t is all based on the first verse of the Bible. Genesis 1:1.

My thoughts

My thoughts are take your time! Look at your own pace! There is a lot to learn and see at this museum. If you don’t take your time, you might miss some things. I do recommend you visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter near by. Make a day out of it or a weekend out of it. You can even make a week out of it too with a 7 day pass.

One thing I learned from hearing a video, it said that it use to be illegal in the state of Tennessee to teach that we came from animals. Now it is the common thing taught. Creation is no longer being taught.

Like I mentioned above, I loved the theme of the seven C’s in God’s eternal plan. I also liked they had a figuring of Paul. That is the picture that is attached to this blog post.

Creation Museum Pictures

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More information

You can take pictures and videos but the theaters, video presentations and the Museum of the Bible area. Thou Shalt Not Touch! Please do not touch the exhibits on display!

In this museum I did see AED’s in spots and even signs showing there the storm shelters are inside. They even participate in the Code Adam alerts too.

Learn more at creationmuseum.org

Make sure you follow this blog as you don’t want to miss a blog post. I just might write more about the Creation Museum and my experience, as well as, other museums and attractions you can take your family, youth or church group to. Plus the regular Bible Study type of blog post.

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