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The Rainbow: A Covenant from God

The rainbow is a covenant from God, a beautiful gift that God gave us along with a covenant from God. I even share what others have told me the rainbow means to them. #Rainbow #God

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Whether to rely on God, Man or Animal for Weather

Who are are you going to rely on for the weather? An animal such as a groundhog? a horse? another type of animal? man? or God? I make a brief post here on weather and who to rely on. (Groundhog Day) #GroundhogDay #Groundhog

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3 Hidden Books of the Bible Games Free Printables

Hidden Books of the Bible Games image

3 Hidden Books of the Bible Games Free Printables – Are three printables great for your youth group, Vacation Bible School and small groups, etc. Try to find the hidden Bible Books of the Bible in a paragraph or two of words. #HiddenBooks #HiddenBooksBible #HiddenBooksoftheBible #FreePrintables

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May the LORD be with you

May the Lord be with You Bezeugen Gospel Tract

May the LORD be with you! The 4th of May is usually known as Star Wars Day. You’ll hear May the Fourth Be with you taking off from the movie May the Force be with you. #maythe4thbewithyou #maythefourth #starwarsday #maytheLordbewithyout #maytheLord

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Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day – day set aside to remind us to take care of the Earth and help provide protect for the environment. God gave us the Earth! We need to take care of it! Everyday! #EarthDay

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Climbing with Abraham by David Ramos Book Review

Climbing With Abraham by David Ramos Book Review (30 Day Devotional)

Climbing with Abraham by David Ramos Book Review. This book is a 30 day devotional about faith using the model of Abraham. #ClimbingwithAbraham #DavidRamos #RamosAuthor

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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

The grass isn't always greener on the other side

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes the grass is fake! Other times it looks appealing but not good for us.

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The Last Accurate Weather Forecast

Last Accurate Weather Forecast

The Last Accurate Weather Forecast. Today we reply on man and technology to tell us a guess of what the weather will be like. However, when was The Last Accurate Weather Forecast? Could it also be the very first accurate weather forecast? #Weather

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Relationships Acronym

Relationships Acronym

Relationships Acronym. This is an acrostic acronym for the word relationships. It is a Christian one too.

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If we ever forget quote by Ronald Reagan

A quote from Ronald Reagan about us being “If we ever forget” and “One Nation Under God” and being a “Nation Gone Under.” #RonaldRegan

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