The Rain Is Coming – My Ark Encounter Experience

The Ark Encounter is a new attraction museum in Williamstown, KY. The theme of this attraction is Noah and the Ark. Come and experience what it might have been like on Noah’s Ark and questions and answers to Ark Encounter experience.

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Just the day prior to my visit a group of Atheist were protesting the Ark. It led people from the Ark Encounter to bring them food. The Atheist had questions and got them answered and some of them even got to tour the Ark. I was told by one of the employees.

I was also told by that employee that Bill Nye the Science Guy visited the Ark about a couple hours prior than my arrival. There was even a video playing that stayed how Nye talks about ice layer dating and showed that is in correct based on these planes found deep in ice in Greenland. Nye also is one that criticizes the Ark Encounter. I don’t know how his visit went.

The Rain Is Coming – My Ark Encounter Experience

Back in Noah’s time never saw rain before. By faith he obeyed God and built the ark to save his family. Then the rain started to come. Interesting enough, the day I went to visit the Ark, July 8, 2016, it rained. The rain had stopped by the time I got to the Ark from the bus.

I know the Ark Encounter knows what to do in case of a n event. Just prior to me leaving, they were hit with a thunder storm. I was driving from Petersburg, KY (Creation Museum) to to Williamstown, KY (Ark Encounter) and was driving in it. They said lighting struck near by and they evacuated people to the staff area at the main ticket area.  This was told to me by the manager when I came to check in to do the review.

Steve at the Ark Encounter
Steve at the Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter is about four hours away from Jefferson City, TN. Four hours is a good drive, but it is well worth the drive. I actually got to review this museum and also their other museum, 40 miles away, the Creation Museum. (That review is coming soon).

Answers in Genesis (AiG)

The Ark Encounter is part of Answers in Genesis (AiG) a Christian Ministry that helps you learn about Science and the Bible using Biblical references to back their theory. One example is about Dinosaurs being on the Ark and how saying millions of years are false and how they got the same things from just a short amount of time when dating things on Science shows otherwise. Even have proof that evolution is false too.


Once you arrive at the Ark Encounter, you purchase your tickets and get a wrist band and then you will get to board a bus. This bus will take you to the Ark. That bus ride is approximately one mile. The driver will go over a few things with you about the Ark. A tid-bit type thing. I will say the bus that took me to the Ark was very warm inside. It felt warmer on the bus than outside and it was near 80° outside. It did feel uncomfortable riding up to the Ark because of that. Not sure if they air was working or not in the bus.


As you ride the bus you will soon get a better glimpse of the magnitude of the size of the Ark. One little boy on the bus goes, “Woooooo that’s huge!” The Ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. That is a massive ship. When we were kids we remember the story books of Noah’s Ark as a tiny ship with tons of huge animals popping out. But in reality, it is the other way around.

The Ark was massive and God put the younger, mature, reproductive aged animals aboard the Ark. The Ark is also the biggest-timber-frame structure in the world as well. It used 3.1 million board feet of timber. This timber came from New Zealand. This is the life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark too!

Pictures don’t do justice, but you have to see this for yourself.

Add-Ons & Extras

They do have some extras and other things you can add-on for your experience at the Ark Encounter. They do have a zip line, that zip line (Screaming Eagle Zip Lines) will open August 15, 2016. They do have a petting zoo & animal rides (Ararat Ridge Zoo) and a fossil find area too. Plus, areas for more stuff to come in the future. Plus they have a dining place that can seat around 1,500 people at Emzara’s Kitchen. It looks like a future theater will come too. Some of the add-ons cost extra.

Inside the ark

I could smell the freshness of the wood used inside the ark. Most of the whole inside is made of wood. You can hear animals noises and storm like sounds throughout areas on the Ark. They use ramps to go between the decks on the Ark. This museum does involve a lot of walking and seeing. You will get to see pottery used to possibly store water and more. I did notice a few spots that look like a possibility for future exhibits to be added. One man pointed out the fonts used in most of the exhibits reminded him of the Lord of the Rings. I was at the exhibit that had five points.

  1. Perfection
  2. The Fall
  3. The Curse
  4. First Sacrifice
  5. The Expulsion

Then there was more areas to go through in that area after those initial five.

One thing that was funny at one part of my visit a little girl goes to her daddy and ask, “Was this where God really built His Ark by Noah?” Her dad laughed very hard, here in Lexington, KY, No he didn’t.” Her dad continued to laugh. That was cute, but reminds us that kids to ask some great questions. Often questions we adults won’t ask.

Even this one local Kentucky family was enjoying their visit. The mom told me her son would go up to her and try to scare her to make her think the animals were real or would move. I told them about the raptor at the Creation Museum and how it moves. (My Creation Museum Review) will come soon.

3 Decks

There are three decks on the Ark. Deck 1 (After the Flood) you can learn about the living quarters and the impact of the flood had on the world. You then go up to Deck 2 (Technology on the Ark). See what the pre-flood world was like. See how Noah’s family may have maintained the Ark and the thousands of animals aboard. Next, we go to the top, which is Deck 3 (The Flood Begins). You will get to see animal exhibits and how many of each there was. There is also a main level area too. You will get to see vases and possible type of cages used.

Educational aspects

The Ark Encounter will be a great educational and spiritual learning experience. There is tons of questions and answers there. All kinds of science and Biblical history. It is a great place to take your church, youth group, school group or even your home school students. You can learn a lot there. Tons of stuff to soak in. That is why you may want to plan to stay most of the whole day there.

There are questions and answers to thinks like how did Noah get all the animals on the Ark. How did Noah’s family feed and care for the animals including the animal waste. How did they eat and get fresh water? These theories are just feasible theories on how it might have occurred, the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly, but it could be feasible.


The Ark Encounter has Wi-Fi. No Noah’s Ark in the Bible didn’t have Wi-Fi. But they have Wi-Fi as a thing to help guest out. There might be areas where the signal may not pick up and it may go back to your own data.

The Staff

During my visit I found the staff to be very friendly. Every time I passed one, they asked me how I was doing and enjoying my visit. They were very friendly and outgoing. They were helpful too. I asked one to get my picture by the actual ark entrance, one where the animals would have boarded the Ark. I even got to talk to Amber, I remember that name because it’s my daughters name. She was very friendly. All the staff said they loved working there. One couple, a husband and wife team, is moving over from Indiana to work there. If you are looking for a job, you may want to look into working at the Ark Encounter. I even got to talk to a mother and daughter team too. I just hope it wasn’t because I was wearing a guest lanyard.

Ark Encounter Pictures

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Come aboard the Ark Encounter and experience what it might have been like on Noah’s Ark. Find out answers that you may have to Noah’s Ark. How did they get all the animals on the Ark? Also, questions and answers about the global flood.

During the first 40 days and 40 nights, the Ark Encounter is open until midnight. The Ark Encounter opened July 7, 2016. They have strollers and wheel chairs that you can also rent.

On my visit, it wasn’t that crowded. Even the staff, mentioned to me, that it was slower today than the other day. But, they did just open recently. So I am sure they have days where they are crowded and others that are not. They did mention they were busier in the morning, when they first opened too.

I enjoyed my visit very much to this attraction. I believe you should come and make sure you spend the day here. I was only here for a around four hours. But, take your time, and enjoy it at your own pace, take advantage of the whole entire day there! Don’t just quickly go through it, absorb it! I would go back again!

The Ark is a symbol of salvation that now leads to Jesus who is our refuge.

More information

You can photograph and film your experience at the Ark Encounter, except in areas where it says otherwise. You cannot record video presentations.

The Ark Encounter is located off exit 154 on I-75 in Williamstown, KY.

You can also learn more at

Make sure you tell them you learned about them from Courageous Christian Father.

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Make sure you follow this blog, as I may be posting more about my experience at the Ark Encounter or some other aspect of the Ark Encounter. There was too much to just put into one blog post.

I was given one media pass to be able to go and visit the Ark Encounter, so I can bring you this unbiased review.

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  1. Excellent, my family and I would like to visit the ark. I also hand out the NT and the gospel of John. I wonder what college and church you attend? Do you live in Jefferson city? I graduated from Jefferson County High School in 95. We lived in Dandridge, a few miles from town across the blue bridge.

    1. Awesome, you and your family should visit the Ark. That is great to hand out gospel of John’s and gospel tracts. Keep it up my brother. I went to Pellissippi State, graduated in 2000 with a degree in graphic design. I am currently doing, work at own pace, Andersonville Theological Seminary. I attend Piedmont Baptist Church in Dandridge, TN. I do live in Jefferson City. I am from Knoxville, TN. I graduated from Fulton High School in 1995.

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