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Who are the Goats?

Who are the Goats? The Bible makes mention of goats in the Bible, but who exactly are the goats the Bible is talking about?

Who are the Goats?

The Goats are the lost, unsaved those who reject Jesus. Those that are not a child of God, but a child of Satan. These are the ones that will end up in hell at the final judgement day.

Who are the Goats?

Be Sheep Not Goats

In theat blog post, I go over the end of times talking about the separation of the Sheep and Goats. Below is what was mentioned in that blog post. Click to read that blog post.

The Goats (on His left) are the lost. They have always been used symbolically in the Bible as being wicked. The Greek word is eriphion. ἐρίφιον See Strong’s #G2055. These are the children of Satan and were cast into everlasting fire. Ever lasting fire is the Lake of Fire or known as hell. This is an everlasting punishment of torture. Just the phrase in Matthew 25:41 and Matthew 25:46, tells us they went to eternal punishment. This clearly shows this is a wrap. This is the end! Thus making it the Final Judgement known as the Judgement Seat of Christ. A goat tends to go on their own way they will not follow their goat-herder. They are not dependent on anything or anyone else either. Not to mention, they will go on their own and not always stay with their flock. A goat-herders will protect their environment from the goats. So opposite of what a shepherd would do.

Be Sheep Not Goats! The Son of Man Will Judge the Nations

One reason why the Jewish would use what was called an escape goat (scapegoat). It was used to transfer sins on and then let lose. This was part of the Levitical Laws and rituals. I am so glad we do not have to do this anymore because Jesus died to save some … the sheep! Sadly those that don’t accept Jesus are the goats and won’t inherit the kingdom of God, as mentioned in the blog post.

So Who are the Sheep?


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