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Who are the Sheep?

Who are the Sheep? The Bible makes mention of sheep in the Bible, but who exactly are the sheep the Bible is talking about?

Who are the Sheep?

That is the saved! Some might say they are God’s chosen people, the elect, or those who are adopted into the family of God. They all mean the same thing.

Who are the Sheep?

Be Sheep Not Goats

In that blog post, I go over the end of times talking about the separation of the Sheep and Goats. Below is what was mentioned on that blog post. Click to read that blog post.

The Sheep (on His right) are known as the Children of God. They are tame and not smart too. The Greek word is probainō πρόβατον. See Strong’s #G4263. The Sheep went into

glory known as Heaven. Heaven is the Kingdom of God that is prepared for the saved. Remember Jesus is the Great Shepherd and watches over His Sheep too. Plus, they know His voice too! Not to mention, this is when we will spend eternity with our Heavenly Father in glory. In the place prepared for us that was not built by the hands of man, but built by God for us. Not to mention, they are dependent creatures. They will follow their shepherd and tend to stay with their flock. Did you also know that a Shepherd will protect his sheep from the environment.

But this creature does have a habit of going astray. When they go astray as brothers and sisters we need to pray for that lost one. But, I am so glad we have a Great Shepherd who will leave the 99 to find that lost one.

Be Sheep Not Goats! The Son of Man Will Judge the Nations


That is why Jesus because the sacrificial lamb. He was without spot and blemish and paid the debt. Did you know a lamb is a young sheep? I am glad that God choose to save me and that I am one of His! One way to know you are His, is that you will hear His Voice and obey.

On the other hand, those that are lost (unsaved), are goats and won’t inherit the kingdom of God.

So Who are the Goats?

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