Hot Tea Month

Hot Tea Month – Do you enjoy drinking Hot Tea? Check out these interesting tea facts and find out when Hot Tea month is! #HotTea #HotTeaMonth

Hot Tea Month

Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month? The cooler weather is a great time to sip and enjoy a cup of hot tea. I like mine with sugar or honey. Plus, I like some of the herbal teas, like Chamomile Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Sassafras Tea, Early Gray Tea, Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea, Sleepytime Tea and a few others. Hot Tea reminds me of a Christian joke. …

Hot Tea Month - Do you enjoy drinking Hot Tea? Check out these interesting tea facts and find out when Hot Tea month is! #HotTea #HotTeaMonth
Hot Tea Month – Tea enjoyed in many countries around the world. Its health benefits are numerous, and tea often is part of rituals and other cultural ceremonies.

A married couple, was asking the pastor, who is suppose to brew the tea and coffee. The pastor said this answer is so simple in your marriage, the Bible gives us a clear answer. It all falls back to one book of the Bible. Hebrews, that tells us He is suppose to brew it.

Tid-Bits of Tea

Tea made by infusing water with dried leaves or root from trees and plants.

Most herbal type teas are good for you. For example, Green Tea is full of antioxidants and other stuff.

Hot Tea is also good for you when you are sick like with the flu. January often is a peak time for the flu. God gives us the ultimate healing power.

Adding things to your hot tea

Adding sugar won’t make it that healthy, but may help the taste. I do prefer to add sugar to mine to make it sweeter.

Not to mention, honey is good for you, I mean pure honey. Find the local honey! Local honey helps great with allergies. More local, closer to you, the better. I also enjoy honey in my herbal hot tea.

In Scouts

In addition, I remember in Scouts, we would find a Sassafras tree while camping, take the root and our Scoutmaster would make us Sassafras Tea. now Sassafras Tea taste better with honey than sugar in my opinion.

Origin of Tea

One of the oldest beverages known to mankind, tea in its various forms enjoyed across the globe. Believed to have originated in China, tea has been consumed for millennia. Some attribute its discovery and invention to Chinese emperor and herbalist Shennong in 2732 BCE. Legend says that the emperor liked his drinking water boiled so it would be free of pathogens. One day, on a trip to a distant region, a leaf from a wild tea bush fell unnoticed into the boiled water presented to the emperor. The emperor found the flavor refreshing, and tea was born.

Consumption of Tea

Today, tea is consumed for pleasure and to ease sore throats and other ailments and has even been used as a medicine. Tea has various traditions and customs from around the world, with the beverage varying in significance from country to country. Tea has won the world over with its appeal and versatility, earning its reputation as one of the world’s most popular social beverages.


The Chinese emphasize the flavor and preparation of tea. The Chinese Tea Ceremony brings about peace, tranquility, enjoyment, and truth. The art of making tea is called “Cha do,” and the Chinese take tea seriously. The Emily Post Institute says tea is heavily incorporated into all aspects of Chinese life. Tea is served with the same care for service that is applied when serving wine in other countries.


Tea is often associated with England, and the British fervor for tea helped spread it to the New World. While tea only arrived in England in the 1600s, the country embraced it, making “afternoon tea” a popular tradition. The traditional tea hour was between 4 and 5 p.m. There also are specific ways to prepare and serve English tea, such as pre-warming the teapot and preferential use of loose tea or larger tea bags in a teapot instead of single-use teabags in a cup.


Many Russians also love tea. Tea was once considered an upper-class product, but it is now enjoyed by Russians of various means. Zavarka, a very strong tea that can be enjoyed for several rounds, is very popular in Russia.


The Emily Post Institute offers that India is one of the world’s largest tea suppliers, and the population consumes more tea than any other country in the world. Chai is the national drink, and hosts often serve a spicy milk-tea to guests.


The Japanese have their own tea ceremonies, also called “The Way of the Tea.” A ceremonial preparation of “matcha,” which is a powdered green tea, is as much about performance art as it is about the tea itself. The tea is served to a small group of people in popular teahouses.

Good Eats

I just recently watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown from September 5, 2001 about making the prefect cup. This is from Season 4, Episode 4. I watched this show in 2019, almost 18 years after it aired.

Hot Tea Christianity?

Are you like hot tea with your Christianity?

What is your favorite hot tea? I would love to hear from you.

Some info compliments of Metro Creative. TF161814 – First Published January 23, 2015. Last republished or updated December 29, 2020.

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  1. I like my hot tea sweetened with honey better, I like lemon, chamomile, sleepy time, this Indian tea I had one time I don’t remember the name.

  2. That is corny even for a Christian joke lol I guess punny is more appropriate lol by the way when I clicked the link as it was in the future post I got a page error. Had to go type in main page and follow article from home page just thought I’d tell you.

  3. HeatherHoltWoods Yes I know it’s a corny for a Christian joke. I am not sure why you got an error, I think when it was shared on social networks I used the shortened url, that could have done. But, thanks for letting me know. Also thanks for the comment.

  4. KatiScarlettJones Thanks for the comment. I think Honey is better with the herbal teas, but if you use the regular tea bags, black tea, for hot tea sugar is better. But you must use the real honey, not the imitation honey.

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