Pastor Appreciation: Bob Neal

Bob Neal at Block Party in Newport, TN during Youth Difference Makers Camp.
Bob Neal at Block Party in Newport, TN during Youth Difference Makers Camp July 2013

October is Pastor Appreciation month. I would like to show appreciation for a pastor of a church I use to be at, Bob Neal at Piedmont Baptist Church in Dandridge, TN off Dumplin Valley. PB as some people call him, short for Pastor Bob. I was a member of Piedmont from 2012 to 2018.

Pastor Appreciation: Bob Neal

Longest consecutive pastor

Neal has been the longest consecutive serving pastor at Piedmont Baptist. Piedmont Baptist just celebrated its 125 anniversary in 2016. I do believe he is an effective pastor, you need longevity within the local church body. That way you will truly get to know the members, the community and the church. I see all of that in PB.

Great mentor

Pastor Bob has been a great mentor to me as well, knowing I feel led to work with youth. He has given me book suggestions to help me learn more on theology. He has shared with me tips for being involved with the youth as well. Pastor Bob will call you out of your comfort zone so you can do great things for God. You cannot do great things while being comfortable!

Concern for the church

He shows great concern for his members. I know that if I miss church, that he will call or txt you to make sure all is okay. Not only that, but he desires the lost to be found too. Pastor Bob is a person you can feel confident in talking to him about whatever. You can go to him and  he will give you Biblical advice. If he sees you slipping away, he will reach out and share with you the light and the way too!

PB will often check on you. I know in the past, it will be a time where I feel like I am going through something. You can tell that is the Holy Spirit telling him to check on you. PB also has his heart with concerns of its members and his sermons. He also lets you know you were missed if you weren’t at church as well.

Truth is Preached

When he preaches, you can feel the Holy Spirit. I am like how did he know whats going on?  Talking with other members they agree. That’s a good sign the Holy Spirit is involved. I am thankful and appreciative for him as my pastor. He is well sound in God’s Word. PB is not afraid to preach ALL of the Bible. He is not afraid to speak up on God’s Word, if it goes against the world too, as well. Best of all, He lives his life by setting the example of what he feels led to preach. Live by what you preach. Be doers of the Word!

Pastor Bob is a strong-willed man. Not even his vertigo will keep him away. So please keep Pastor Bob and Piedmont Baptist in your prayers. PB will persevere till the end.

Thank you Lord

Take a moment and thank your pastor and tell him you appreciate him.
First published October 7, 2013. Last Republishing September 30, 2019.

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