Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea – is one of my favorite drinks. #SweetTea

Sweet Tea - is one of my favorite drinks. #SweetTea
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This sugary drink is popular in the south. I was in Michigan one day, and asked for it and waitress said, you are from the south? I said yes. She let me know that they do not have it. But, I can get sugar to use. I let them know it is not the same thing.

I do not like lemon or orange in my sweet tea. To make your tea sweet, just add sugar. I do like mine sweet, a lot of sugar. But, you must add the sugar when the tea is hot. Then you cool it and put on ice.

I do like hot tea with sugar. Sassafras tea is great with honey.

I use to like McDonlds, but most of them in my area are not that sweet and taste like metal.

The other places with good sweet tea in my area is from Cook Out and Zaxby’s.

One of my other favorite drinks is V8 Spicy Hot.

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  1. I’m from southeastern North Carolina right at South of the Boarder. Sweet tea is everywhere. When you visit someone it’s the only drink offered because everyone drinks it. You never add sugar to unsweet tea with ice, the sugar doesn’t dissolve or sweeten the tea, instead it sits at the bottom of the glass like gravel. Sweet Tea is the drink of the south. Great post thanks!

      1. That’s correct! I live in Southern PA (2 years now) and everyone looks at me funny when I order sweet tea. They always offer, “Is unsweet okay?” And I politely answer “lemonade will have to do”.

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