60+ Ways to Show Encouragement

60+ Ways to Encourage Others – We can show encouragement to others in not only our words, but also our actions too. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. #EncourageSomeone

60+ Ways to Encourage Others - We can show encouragement to others in not only our words, but also our actions too. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. #EncourageSomeone
60+ Ways to Encourage Others – We can show encouragement to others in not only our words, but also our actions too. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. #EncourageSomeone Share on X

Since September 12 is National Encouragement Day, I figured I would come up with a list.

Below are 60 ways to show encouragement to others.

  1. Tell someone Congrats!
  2. Let someone know you are proud of them.
  3. Leave a nice note for a loved one, or random person.
  4. Let someone know you appreciate them.
  5. Tell someone you love them.
  6. Check on a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  7. Put up your child(ren) art work on the fridge or else where in the house.
  8. Pay a meal for someone. (Could be the person behind you in line or a family at the sit down restaurant)
  9. Sit with someone who is eating by themselves.
  10. Pray for someone and let them know you prayed for them.
  11. If someone ask you to pray, Stop, Drop and Pray! (Pray on the spot!)
  12. Send a random text or email to the person you talked to last and give some kind of encouragement to them.
  13. Make celebrations part of your relationship.
  14. Tell others how they encouraged you.
  15. Trust the other more stuff.
  16. Offer to let someone in front of you in the line.
  17. Cheer up someone that is down.
  18. Give a sincere compliment.
  19. Just listen to someone!
  20. Keep a positive Attitude
  21. Give up a parking spot for someone else.
  22. Offer help to someone in need.
  23. Be patient with the clerk, cashier, etc helping you. (Let them know they are doing a good job)
  24. Make and give away a handmade gift.
  25. Offer to babysit or cook dinner for someone.
  26. Slip a little card in a co-workers mailbox thanking them or recognizing them for something in the workplace.
  27. Do something good for others, even if you don’t know them.
  28. When you introduce someone, give some kind of praise to them.
  29. Donate items not being used to charity or someone in need.
  30. Take the grocery cart back to the store, instead of the cart corral.
  31. Give a bigger than normal tip.
  32. Random Acts of Kindess!
  33. Let someone know they are important to you by turning off your cell phone when someone starts sharing with you.
  34. Remind fellow believers of the promises of God.
  35. Send flowers to someone.
  36. Write a letter of recommendation to an employee of an employee who did great.
  37. Leave a positive review of a business and their staff.
  38. Give words of blessing.
  39. Ask your server if you can pray for them before you bless your meal. (Or even the cashier at the fast food joint)
  40. Smile at someone. They are contagious and spread sunshine!
  41. Leave ONLY positive comments on blogs and social media post.
  42. Put a happy Sign or Smile Face on your car.
  43. Send delivery food to someone.
  44. When you see someone making positive changes in others, affirm them.
  45. Give a care package to someone.
  46. Give a blessing bag to a homeless person.
  47. Put coins in someone a car in a parking meter
  48. Stop criticizing others
  49. Tell people positive things about themselves.
  50. Let others know they can do it!
  51. Speak life-affirming words.
  52. Say Thank You and You Are Welcome! Manners Matter!
  53. Text a random number a positive message.
  54. Bite your tongue! THINK! Before you Speak!
  55. Remind the one who feels alone the promise of Jesus’, “I will never leave you….”
  56. Be a secret giver, give a gift to someone without them knowing it was you.
  57. Thank someone for something they do, that normally isn’t thanked for. Like filling a soap dispenser.
  58. Thank your Police, Military, Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, for their service.
  59. Give special goodie bag to your Police, Military, Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics
  60. Ask someone for advice.
  61. Offer your support for someone.
  62. Offer your chair or seat to someone else.
  63. Leave a kind note to your coworker, maybe compliment them on something they done well.
  64. 25 Words of Encouragement!

There are plenty more ways to encourage someone. These are just some examples. Is there a way I didn’t list? Feel free to share in the comments. I just made add it to this list!

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