Cook-Out, a Christian based restaurant

Cook-Out - Morristown, TN - A Christian based business to eat at.
Cook-Out – Morristown, TN – A Christian based business to eat at.

Cook-Out a Christian based restaurant. It is privately owned and operated in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia & Georgia. It got its start in Greensboro NC. I saw this place all the time when I went out to Morristown, TN. Always wondered about it. My daughter went here one day and came home and told me

all about this place. That they are a Christian place with Christian stuff up on the walls and they were playing K-Love. I knew I had to check it out. So I wanted to inquire about them.

Cook-Out, a Christian based restaurant

My first visit:

I came on the 4th of July 2013 for my first time.needing to use a Wi-Fi spot and this place has free Wi-Fi. Posting some blog entries and also to check it out because I felt led to write about this business since it is a local Christian based business. Yes, it has taken me a while to post this, most of it was already written.

The atmosphere:

I came inside and it has a log home rustic look inside. A stone wall dividers inside. It had a nice homey rustic atmosphere to it. A family oriented feel to the restaurant inside and out. They even had friendly and courteous staff. The facility was very clean. They even had a guy constantly cleaning tables, even if the table was just cleaned.

Bible Verse for the Cook-Out.

Proverbs 1:7 was written as well on my drinking cup. That verse reads:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Plus I have heard other mentions of Bible verses on other products of theirs.

Christian Music playing:

They were playing K-Love when I first came in, but later on it seemed to switch to a Satellite Radio station playing Christian Music. They did had it on The Message from Sirius Radio. Regardless they were playing Christian music while I was there. Playing of the Christian music is another reason why I like going there, since that is only type of music that I listen to. I am not sure if all Cook-Out’s play the Christian music, but I know the Morristown, TN location does.

Flux of customers:

They were rather busy that day, seemed to be steady flow. It does have a family friendly atmosphere here. I did manage to see several families come in and out. Not being hungry when I came in. Of course, I was there during the lunch rush. Then it died off for a bit then it picked up again closer to start of dinner time. But it was rainy on the fourth and I am sure many people canceled their cook out plans so instead they came to eat at The Cook-Out. They did seem to get people in and out rather nicely during my time there.


I ordered my food and I must say, they have a lot of choices for sides. Like your normal of fries, slaw and onion rings. They also have sides such as corn dog, chicken nuggets and a few other items as a side. They even have a huge selection of milkshakes looking at the menu board. Their drinking cup says 36, but the marquee outside said 40. I am sure if you mix those flavors with others you can create more.

Promo Shakes

I can only speak for Morirstown, TN location, but they have a promo shakes, 99¢ milk shakes. It is a random flavor. It usually last for one week, if the flavor is going well, if the flavor is not, it might last shorter. Every time I visit, I ask what the promo shake flavor is. The only thing about the Morristown, TN location is the whole month of July and part of August the flavor is watermelon. That is shake to me, is nasty! Now, I do like December, because it is eggnog. Yum!

Health Inspection Score:

All restaurants in Tennessee are required to post their health inspection scores in a spot where you can read them. I peaked at their Health Inspection and saw this location, the Morristown, TN location got a 97 out of 100. Their health inspection was scored back in April of 2013.


Dining Room: Sunday – Thursday till 12 am & Friday – Saturday till 1 am
Drive Thru: Sunday – Thursday till 3 am & Friday – Saturday till 4 am
Doesn’t show start hours, just the till hours. 
*Hours submit to change, contact your local Cook-Out for the current hours.


Looking at their door they show the Visa and MasterCard logos. So I would assume they take those methods. Of course they take cash as well.

Side note:

One thing is you want to use Wi-Fi they only have one outlet in the dining room in the Morristown, TN location. So if you plan to use the Wi-Fi make sure your laptop or device is fully charged. There is no where to plug in or charge your device.


I recommend you visit your local Cook-Out. Feel free to check out their website to find one near you.

Visit them online:

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Author: Steve Patterson

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  1. The few Times I went, the bible verses (mostly on their cups and take out items) read something along the lines of “God bless america” or something of the like.

    I don’t know, but I don’t remember anything about AMERICA in our bibles. :/

    1. The one here in Charlotte NC has both God bless America and bible verses. The verse today is Psalms 19:14. Its up to you to look the verse up. It is on the fries paper tray and Proverbs 1:7 was on my drink. I have visted the ones in SC and Atlanta and they always have bible verses as well.

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