How to attend Church Online

How to attend Church Online – Here are six steps on attending your church online. More steps or tips will be available too. #OnlineChurch

How to attend Church Online

1. Get out of bed and get dressed

It will put you in the right mindset for worship.

How to attend Church Online - Here are six steps on attending your church online. #OnlineChurch

2. Go through your normal Sunday Routine

minus the “hurry up, we’re late” part.

3. Gather together as a family

no multitasking; worship is a family activity.

4. Stream to your largest screen if possible

it will feel like you are really “there”

5. Sing Along Loud and Proud

it may feel weird, but it also feels weird to the people leading worship in an empty room

6. Preach with the Preacher

Say amen, clap, shout and take notes; have a time of prayer at the end; make your home a sanctuary

Used from a meme going around on Facebook. Special thanks to whom ever created this meme.

7. Give your offering

Here is one that should have been added. Still give your offering. Some churches offer online giving. Take advantage of that and use it. If you cannot give online, mail a check or money order.

Any more to add?

Are there anymore tips to add? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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