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Christian New Year’s Resolutions

Christian New Year’s Resolutions usually go more than traditional New Year’s Resolutions. But is it too soon to start a brand new year? We always tend to make New Year’s Resolutions to stop doing something or to start doing something. Do you have to wait until the start of the new year to begin them?

Not all of us make these or even keep what we set out to do. But maybe making realistic ones can help us finish them.

Christian New Year’s Resolutions

Christian New Year's Resolutions

Some people want to stop smoking, go on a diet, exercise more etc. These are all good, but do we think about the spiritual type of Christian New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe as Christians we should start to rethink some of our New Years Resolutions and make some more Christ-like resolutions?

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A Few Christian New Year’s Resolutions

Below is a small list of some Christian New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Read & Study The Bible Daily
  2. Attend church regularly
  3. Serve or serve more in the church
  4. Pray more
  5. Be More Christ-Like
  6. Avoid living in open sin
  7. Boldly witness to other people, Evangelize (tell others about Jesus)
  8. Give out Gospel Tracts or Gospel of Johns
  9. Not worry or fear and let God have control and know He is in control.
  10. Be a better godly parent (mom or dad to your children)
  11. Be a better godly child to my parent (To honor my mom and dad)
  12. Only Listen to Christian Music
  13. Watch your language and the words that come out of your mouth
  14. Be content with what you have
  15. Give to to God your time, talent and tithe
  16. Watch Faith-based or more appropriate movies.
  17. Stop lying


Some of us may need reminders to keep the resolutions. Do we need a rubber band on our wrist? Maybe a note taped to the bathroom mirror? Alarms set on our phone? If we pray for guidance from God to keep what He wants us to do, we can do it. We can only do it through Christ, not on our own.

Why Wait?

We do not have to wait for New Years to start living right for God. We should be living daily for God, not every now and then. Not just around Holy Holidays like Christmas or Easter. Or even just on Sundays. But Daily!

We shouldn’t say I am going to clean myself up then do it. We must go to God as we are and He will clean us up. The new creation, the change is only done through Jesus, we cannot do it on our own!

So why wait? Remember we are never promised tomorrow. So best time to do it is right now!

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Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Do you need reminders? Are you good at keeping them or do you always break your resolutions? Is there any other good Christian New Year’s Resolutions we can add to this list? Please share with me your comments.

Did you know they say you must do something 21 times back to back to form a habit, in most cases. Some cases say it takes longer like 66 days or more.

So let’s make a brand new start this year by growing closer to God. 

First published December 31, 2013. Last Republished on December 29, 2018.

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