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Bold Like Paul Revers Last Ride

Would you boldly go into town, refugee camp or radical camp and boldly shout, "Christ is Coming!" Like Paul Revere's last ride where he went into to town shouting, "The British Are Coming!"

Bold Like Paul Revere's Last RideWould you boldly go into town and shout to everyone “Christ is Coming!” “Christ is Coming!”?  I am taking this blog post and use Paul Revere as an illustration. Revere rode into town shouting, “The British is Coming!” “The British is Coming!” as a warning to the town folks of the pending danger ahead. So this is why I am asking if you would be bold and do the same thing, but shout out to the town as you ride or drive into to shouting …

“Christ is Coming!” “Christ is Coming!”

You know Revere had to know his life was on the line too, after all the enemy was trailing him. Would you still do this knowing your enemy was behind you? The enemy, satan is always behind us. But did you know he could be in front of us too?

Would you still ride into town shouting “Christ is Coming!” “Christ is Coming!” to a town that is your enemy. Maybe a town where they persecute you, make fun of you or maybe even try to kill you? Say the enemy town is a refugee camp or a radical group camp, would you still boldly riding into that camp proclaiming “Christ is Coming!” “Christ is Coming!”?

Paul Revere’s ride was a ride into darkness. He rode at night. Darkness is a symbol for the sin in the world. Would you ride into that sin driven area to boldly proclaim Christ.

We all can say that we will, but when we really won’t know what we would do unless we are in that predicament. I do hope that I can boldly put on my Armor of God and go into battle and shout to everyone ….

“Christ is Coming!” “Christ is Coming!”

Repent for the kingdom of God is drawing near. Repentance is always important.

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