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Blessing Jar

Blessing Jar! Start the New Year off right! How about a great way to remember the blessings God has given you by using a mason jar, paper and a pen. Do this for one year and at the end of year, you can see and count all the blessings.

Blessing Jar

Blessing Jar Items Needed

  • Mason Jar
  • Note Paper
  • Ink Pen

Easy enough only those three items are needed! That isn’t that many items. You might be able to give this as a gift to your family, church or youth group.

Maybe you can go for a colored mason jar (plain clear one can work too) and colored note paper to make a colorful Blessing Jar. Maybe keep a couple of ink pens near by.

The idea of this is simple. Anytime you are blessed with something. Write it down on one of the note paper and fold it up and place it in the mason jar. Make sure you fold it up! I might suggest that you add the date if you want small in the corner, but that is optional. Might help you remember when that blessing occurred.

This way you can count your many blessings and name them one by one this way. You just might see how blessed you truly are.

Ideas …

  • Someone held the door for you when your hands were full.
  • Made or bought my meal or something else.
  • Given a random gift
  • You got a promotion or new job
  • New Car
  • A New child or grand child
  • Passed a class
  • Healing
  • Endless possibilities
  • Put a Bible verse that blessed you that day too
  • Anything that made you feel blessed!


These blessings can be really small or they can be rather large. They can be really thing that you feel you were blessed. Remember blessings come from God. Don’t forget to thank Him for the blessings you get. God is always blessing us, this may be a great way to realize all the blessing we get every year.

We do tend to forget what God has done for us. God is our great provider and this would b ea great way to realize exactly what God hath done for us and all the manna you can say He hath provide us with. God gives us what we need and at times He will give us what we want.

You will continue to fill this jar up with these blessing that you are blessed with during the whole year, even if you get more than one in a day or a week etc. Just add all the blessings you receive in this Blessing Jar.

On New Years Day!

Then on New Years Day! Open the jar and read your blessing from the year. You just might be surprised on how blessed you truly are. This might be a great way to count your blessings.

Do you have a blessing jar? If so I want to hear from you. Tell me about your experience. Any pointers or suggestions you can think of to add? Any type of blessing that was very special to you?

First published November 15, 2014. Last Republished or updated December 21, 2017. #BlessingJar

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  1. Pasta says:

    You could save those pasta sauce jars and use those too

    1. That’s a great idea. Gotta wash them really good and get rid of smells.

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