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Hope for Hurting Hearts Movie Review

Do you have a hurting heart that needs help? There is an answer! Do you think there is no end? Do you want to know how to find that? Check out this blog post on this film Hope for Hurting Hearts and see for yourself if you can find it too.

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All For Him – AFH

Are you living All For Him? Are you a 13-25? If so check out this ministry. Are you a parent with someone between those ages? Then check it out as well. (AllForHim)

TMI (Too Much Info) bluefishTV video
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TMI (Too Much Info) bluefishTV video

This is a good video on YouTube from bluefishTV. This about sharing too much information (TMI) with someone. Youth you need to be careful, even us adults too.

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Glitter Glow Jars

This is my attempt at the Glitter Glow Jars. A craft you can make too.

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Thank God For Fathers Church Sign Roaring Fork Baptist Church

Thank God For Fathers Church Sign Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, TN (Check out my blog post for the rest of what the sign reads.)

Unconditional Movie Review
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Unconditional Movie Review

This is a movie review for the Movie “Unconditional” with also the trailer to that movie. Samantha has a storybook life then loses her faith when her husband is killed in a senseless act of violence. Sam’s faith reignites when she meets a childhood friend who cares for children in his under-resourced neighborhood. #Unconditional

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Just Where I Belong (The Christmas Bunny) movie review

This is my short movie review for the movie “Just Where I Belong” it was also entitled “The Christmas Bunny”. #JustWhereIBelong #ChristmasBunny

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May Day Unity Festival

Check out the 2013 Jefferson County May Day Unity Festival. It is coming May 25, 2013. Check out this entry for some information on it.

What It Would be Like to Be Jesus' Brother by Michael Jr.
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What It Would be Like to Be Jesus’ Brother by Michael Jr.

Great comedy video on YouTube by Michael Jr. This is about What It Would Be Like To Be Jesus’ Brother. Thou Shalt Laugh series.

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Movie Recommendation: Courageous

My movie recommendation for the movie Courageous. Where Honor begins at home. A Must watch movie for all families and dads. #Couragoeus

iPhone - Text Alerts
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25 iPhone Rules for my Teenaged Daughter (Smart Phone Rules)

25 iPhone rules for my teenaged daughter. I know first hand being a single parent is hard. We never know what our kids are into on these smart phones.

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Restarting the book LiveSecond: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First

Restarting the book LiveSecond: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First. I will keep track of my progress via my blog. #IASCreation

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Verses from the Bible – from my daughter

Bible verses from the Bible that my daughter wanted to share with me on a piece of paper.

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Treat the family to FREE Redbox Codes (movie night)

Why don’t you make it a movie night with the family. Here are some FREE Red Box Codes to get you started. #Redbox

Patterson Post 2012 - Recipe Guide Cover
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Patterson Post 2012 Recipe Guide

This is 2012 Patterson Post, a Christmas Newsletter. This years theme was a Recipe Guide.

Brian Head Welch I am Second
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I am Second – Brian Head Welch (Testimony Video)

I am Second Video of Brian “Head” Welch. He is know from being in the selcular rock band Korn. “I’m important…. And that where drugs can creep in.”

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Daily Family Devotion + 365 Daily Answers to What Would Jesus Do? WWJD? (book review)

Daily Family Devotion and Daily Family Devotion + 365 Daily Answers to What Would Jesus Do? WWJD? (book review).

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The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ. When we are saved we are a new creation. We are also one in Christ (being in unity). We all come from God. We have Spiritual gifts and talents. We are to go make disciples. Preach to others. The church is …

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Sanctifying Grace

Sanctifying Grace, What is it? We are cleansed. We are sanctified, we have life to the fullness, God is in us, our bodies are temples, we all are tempted but there is a way out, we are not to be troubled or afraid, the resurrection of Christ and the dead, being fruitful, sins of the flesh, fruits of the Spirit, not baring fruit, it is written, how to grow stronger, and successful life verses.

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Changing our World

Changing our World is the 11th Talk I had on my Walk to Emmaus from the Great Smoky Mountain Emmaus Community. I was on Walk #32 in 1998. These are my notes on this talk.