Patterson Post 2012 Recipe Guide

Patterson Post Recipe Guide

This is 2012 Patterson Post, a Christmas Newsletter. This years theme was a Recipe Guide.

This edition of Patterson Post is filled full of recipes. I have been doing a new theme each year and a recipe guide is what came to my mind for 2012. I have it available online. I have been doing a Christmas newsletter for some time now. Some of these recipes have also been posted on Courageous Christian Father. If they have been posted, I share a link to them on this blog.

Patterson Post 2012 - Recipe Guide Cover
Patterson Post 2012 – Recipe Guide Cover

List of the recipes found inside:

  1. Apple Bread
  2. Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake
  3. Pumpkin Bread IV
  4. Amazing Good EggNog
  5. Apple Yummies
  6. Ginger Ale Ham
  7. Breakfast Pizza
  8. Spicy Sausage & Rice
  9. Rudy Reindeer
  10. Rudolph’s Cookie Kisses
  11. Easy Cherry Cheese Pie
  12. Taco Casserole
  13. Chex Mix
  14. EggNog SnowFlakes
  15. Beef Quesidilia
  16. White Chicken Chili
  17. Creamy Lemon Aide Pie
  18. Strawberry Lemon Aide Pie
  19. Peppermint Ice Cream Drum Cake & Ornaments

Even Cooking Tips, Abbreviations, Measurements and A Christmas Prayer. Please check out this Christmas Newsletter. It has been done like a magazine. You can even download it as a pdf file as well.



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