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Pro-Life: A Voice for the Voiceless

Check out this pro-life floor speech, by Sean Duffy, on abortion & standing up for those who cannot speak. Those lives that can feel pain and are aborted. No one tells you about the cries of a baby during an abortion.

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Intro & Messiah (Live in Germany) – Bloodgood

This is a YouTube video of Bloodgood live in Germany, 1993. Listen to what Michael Bloodgood says before they play the song Messiah. #bloodgood

Spiritual minds
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My Spiritual Minds Radio Experience

I share about my experience about being on the Spiritual Minds Radio show hosted by hosts, Yokas Boslarelli and Soulfu. (Link to the broadcast) #smlradioshow

Saving Darkness - Prayer - Righteous Rock T.V.
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Saving Darkness Music Video for “Prayer”

This is an embedded YouTube music video by Righteous Rock T.V. for Saving Darkness and their song Prayer. #SavingDarkness #Prayer

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The Great Instruction – The Great Commission

The Great Instruction – The Great Commission – An instruction to Go! This blog post is about going out and telling others about Christ.

We Believe - Newsboys
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We Believe – Newsboys (Official Music Video)

Official music video of Newsboys “We Believe” #newsboys #webelieve
We Believe in God the Father, We Believe in Jesus Christ. We Believe in the Holy Spirit

Do You Believe
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Do You Believe? Movie Review & Trailer

I share my review and thoughts about the new Christian movie, Do You Believe? If you were charged with being a Christian Would there be enough evidence to convict you? Do you really believe in the Cross of Jesus Christ? #DoYouBelieve

Eyes on the Road
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Eyes on the Road

Keep your eyes on the road, an interesting video about keeping your eyes on the road. Watch this video! This can be used to show you to keep your eyes on Jesus. Plus check out this church sign about Texting and Driving. #StopTheText #Texting #Txt #Txting

Metro-North-Train Photo: NYTimes
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Prayers for Metro-North Railroad

Prayers for those who died, injured and involved with any aspect of the Metro-North Railroad deadly crash.

TransAsia flight GE235 crashing
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Prayers for TransAsia flight GE235

Prayers for TransAsia flight GE235

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Lazarus – The Skit Guys

This is a comical Christian Video from the Skit Guys on Lazarus. You can read the story about how Jesus healed Lazarus from being dead in John 11.

Romans 12:2
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Be Transformed!

Do not be of this world, be set apart from the World. Be Transformed.

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Angels Love Donuts, Trailer & Review

Movie Review of Angels Love Donuts. A movie about death and if you are ready for heaven.

Yes On 1 Logo
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Yes On 1 Tennessee!

Calling Tennessee to Vote Yes on 1 to help save lives. What is yes on 1? Why should I vote Yes on 1? #yeson1tn

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Left Behind (Review & Trailer)

Steve’s Christian review of the 2014 Movie, Left Behind Movie. Plus I share the trailer to this movie. #leftbehind

#X Before You Drive
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Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know

Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know What is #X? Do you use #X? Has someone sent you #X? Find out about #X. #PoundX #StoptheText

Truett Cathy, Founder Chick-fil-A, 1921-2014
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Truett Cathy of Chick-fil-A 1921-2014

This blog post done in the memory of Truett Cathy, founder/owner of Chick-fil-A, #chickfila #TruettCathy

Suicide & Chrisitanity
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Suicide & Christianity

This blog post talks some about suicide and Christianity. From people in the Bible who has to those who had the thoughts. Plus if it’s okay or not. #suicide

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Switchfoot “Afterlife” Music Video

This is a lyric music video for the song “Afterlife” by Switchfoot. I also include the lyrics of the song in this blog post. #Afterlife #Switchfoot

N Nasrani Solidarity Chrisitans
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Letter “N” for Nasrani Or Christians ن

Imagine your home being painted with ن (the Arabic letter for “N”) The first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or Nazarene.