We Believe – Newsboys (Official Music Video)

We Believe – Newsboys (Official Music Video) – This is a great song by the Newsboys about believing God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Also the Crucifixion and conquering death.Plus the resurrection and that Jesus is coming back again.

We Believe

This is the official music video (3:41 in length) for the Newsboys and their song We Believe. This is also the theme song for the new Christian movie Do You Believe?

Newsboys was founded in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia in 1985. Members: Michael Tait-Lead Vocals Duncan Phillips-Drums Jeff Frankenstein-Keys,Bass,Vox Jody Davis-Guitars,Vocals. Their hometown now is in Nashville, TN.

We Believe in God the Father … 
We Believe in Jesus Christ …
We Believe in the Holy Spirit …
And He’s Given Us Life …
We Believe in the Crucifixion …
We Believe He conquered death …
We Believe in the Resurrection …
And He’s Coming Back Again!

We Believe in God the Father, We Believe in Jesus Christ, We Believe in the Holy Spirit, And He's Given Us Life, We Believe in the Crucifixion, We Believe He conquered death, We Believe in…

I like this song

I like this song a lot and I agree. Because I believe! I believe in God the Father. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit and I believe He has given us life. I also believe in the Crucifixion and that He conquered death. I also believe that Jesus arose from the dead, in His Resurrection and I also believe Jesus is coming back again for His Church. So I believe!

After posting I noticed I had already had this posted. It was first posted Sept. 5, 2014. Below is the additional message I had on that post.

As promised, I said I would post a Christian Music Video each day during the 30 Day Christian Music Challenge to help introduce you to a new band, artist or song. This is day 4 of 30.

Got to see Newsboys

I have had the pleasure to watch the Newsboys perform. I got to see them at the Xtreme Winter back in December 2014. It was awesome to watch. Plus, I believe they are a great band. Newboys is also featured in “Do You Believe?” as I mentioned above and “God’s Not Dead”. I am not sure if they will be part of God’s Not Dead 2, but I am sure they will be.

This is a band I recommend you listen to. They are very good in concert too! They even have a drum coaster! That drum coaster is awesome!

Do you believe?

Learn more visit: newsboys.com

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