Intro & Messiah (Live in Germany) – Bloodgood

I heard this on The Holy Hair Show on May 8, 2015. I liked it a lot. I even went and found it on iTunes and purchased this song.

Order Intro & Messiah Today on iTunes! 

I enjoy listening to The Holy Hair Show because I am finding and learning about a bunch more new Christian Bands, well new to me. Most have been around for awhile. These bands are Rock Solid too. The Holy Hair show is on 3R-Radio and sponsored by Righteous Rock T.V. 

This is a live recording of Bloodgood in Germany, I believe in 1993. An image that says Run To God, giving advice to find the person God wants for you. Les Carlsen, Lead Singer, giving this talk in Germany. gives an awesome intro and it is also translated in German what he just said. After Carlsen talks and shares with these Germans, then the band Bloodgood plays “Messiah”. Michael Bloodgood, is the bass player.

There is One Power. 

Higher than any other power.

There is One Name higher than any other name.

In that name. 

Jesus has given authority to the saints. 

To commands that demons in hell flee.

The Whole Earth and everything in it.

Was created by and for and through Jesus. 

Everything that is. 

Is because Jesus makes it so.

Tonight this place belongs to God’s Children.

We invite you Holy Spirit to fill this place.

To fill every part of this building downstairs and upstairs and in the rafters.

And fill the hearts of men here that wants your Holy Spirit. 

If you want Jesus in your heart raise your hand.

Look at the person next to you and say, “I Know Jesus!”

For those of you who don’t know Jesus.

He knocks on your heart tonight, right now.

He wants to be your friend. 

The God of the universe wants to know you personally. He wants to have a relationship with you.

There is only one sin that cannot be forgiven

That is to reject the reality, reject Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 

This thing about the blood of Jesus means that on that Cross, His blood was shed for you. 

Much the same way we use money in this world to acquire something, to buy something, His blood paid for the sins of the world. 

Holy Spirit I pray you will touch the hearts of every person in here. Forget the language barrier and just let it happen. Lord God I just pray for their hearts, pray for their hearts and open their minds and Satan I bind you in the name of Jesus. 

Totally awesome! Bloodgood is a Rock Solid Christian Rock Band. Solid Christian Lyrics too. Check out the lyrics of the song, “Messiah”.

Take him down, take him down
Move him gently, hold his head
Wipe his face, clean the blood off
Lay him here, wrap him in this cloth

Lift him up, lift him up
Move him easy, careful now
He’s the Messiah

Tears are filling, eyes of sorrow
Hands are touching, no one’s speaking
His eyes are empty, skin’s so white
His body’s cold, it has no life

He’s the Messiah
He’s the Messiah

Go! Into the world and tell
All of creation he lives
He lives in the hearts of men
He said, “Go! Into the world and tell
All of creation he lives
He lives in the hearts of men”

Dry your eyes, hold each other
Lift your thoughts, you are brothers
He’s the Messiah

Don’t be afraid, he has risen, he’s not here
Why are you trembling with fear?
Just as he told you, just as he said
They could not stop him, he is not dead!

He’s alive!

Song lyrics from: Bloodgood – The Messiah Lyrics | MetroLyrics I transcribed his speech himself for this blog post. All rights belong to Bloodgood for this song and words.  

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  1. Just a small correction. That is lead singer Less Carlsen talking in the introduction. Michael Blood good is the bass player. One of the best metal bands ever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am sorry I misspelled Les’s name. It is with only one s. Sorry. I love these guys. Have been a fan since the 80s.

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