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Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know

Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know What is #X? Do you use #X? Has someone sent you #X? Find out about #X. #PoundX #StoptheText

#X (Pound X) new txt lingo, shortcut, to let your friends, family, etc. that you cannot text right now that you are about to drive, that you will text them back when you arrive, that it can wait. This is a new movement and pledge you can take.

Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know

#X Before You Drive
#X Before You Drive

#X usually in social media, meant pause conversion temporary.

According to the web site, there has been over 5 million people already who have signed the pledge.

So when you are behind the wheel, before you drive, let your friends and family know #X. If you got #X, don’t text back the person that said that until you get the all clear text.

You can download apps and also create shortcuts or templates to have it handy and ready to send before you drive.

Texting and driving impairs your driving and can lead to death of you or someone else. So be smart and use #X and help save a life.

Maybe one way so you are not distracted with texting is to put your phone on silent mode or n a place where you can’t reach it. Of if you have someone else in the vehicle with you, assign a Designated texter to text for you. If you are riding with someone and they are texting, speak up and ask them to not text and drive.

#X Before you Drive (Pound X). #StoptheText
[pullquote]Texting and driving is a common behavior1
43% of teens text while driving
73% of teens look at their phones at a red light
77% see their parents text and drive
89% expect a response to a text within 5 minutes[/pullquote]

Check out this blog post on Eyes on the Road, where people take their eyes off the big screen to look at their phone text. See what happens when they took their eyes off the screen. This video shows you what can happen if you took your eyes off the road.

More information at:

Help spread the word and share this blog post to your favorite social network or copy-paste the link and send it to ALL your friends and family so they are aware.
1. 2014 It Can Wait School Presentation

Check out this blog post:
Eyes on the Road
Put your cell phone away and keep your hands on the wheel
Safety on the Road

#StoptheText #PoundX Last updated January 27, 2017.

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