Saving Darkness Music Video for “Prayer”

Saving Darkness Music Video for “Prayer”

Saving Darkness Music Video for “Prayer”

This is an embedded YouTube music video by Righteous Rock T.V. for Saving Darkness and their song Prayer.

This video Includes the lyrics to the song “Prayer” in this video. This video is 6:37 in length.  I have actually got to meet the band Saving Darkness.

“There is a way to get there but in the present time there is a battle raging within ourselves its the opposer of our creator Satan has Created a war a war in our minds he’s battling for our hearts he is that lion roaring seeking whom he may devour but we must resist him and turn to that Creator he gave His Son Jesus Christ on that Cross so that we may receive Him unto ourselves forever so we have to ask Him Lord Hear our Prayer.”

This is a very good song by Saving Darkness. Saving Darkness is based in Spartanburg, SC. Saving Darkness is a christian rock group bringing you the gospel of Christ through song and testimony! There theme verse is “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. “ John 1:5

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