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Heart Wrenching Forgiveness Video

Heart Wrenching Forgiveness Video – A moving forgiveness moment of a family of one of the victims from Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC, to gunman Dylann Roof.

Heart Wrenching Forgiveness Video


This is what forgiveness is about right here. The relatives of the victims tells Dylann Roof they forgive Him and that he needs to seek Christ. He needs to Repent and Confess and give your life to Christ and Tells him he is welcome at their Bible Study. How much more moving is that. This is true heart-felt Christian love.
This video is from the bond hearing  (June 19, 2015) of the confessed gunman Dylann Roof, 21 at the time of this hearing. From the shooting on June 17, 2015. 9 People are dead from this shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC.

Over and over the members shared their forgiveness and some even shared that hate won’t win.
We can only pray that Roof finds Christ while in prison. Plus keep the families of the victims and the church in prayers.

All sin is forgiven except the rejection of Jesus Christ!

Way to go members of Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC. Way to set the example of Christians by offering this forgiveness. May hate not come to you as the trail begins. Prayers for everyone involved in this.

It is very important for us to forgive others like these church members did. You can read more about why it is important to forgive in this blog Post on forgiveness.

I pray that if this ever happens to any of us, we can let go of the bitterness, the hatred and all and show the Christian Love and offer forgiveness. Give them grace like God so freely gives us.

Question: If you were a victim would you offer the same forgiveness as these church members did?
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Update February 13, 2017. It has been repored the Roof will be sentenced to death for this crime.

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