Bible Stories of the Sea

Bible Stories of the Sea – Captain ChristianBlogR here. I am the Captain aboard ye Courageous Christian Father. As the anchor raises we set sail down the seas God created. As we embark on our journey I will share with you some Bible Stories of the Sea.

Bible Stories of the Sea

Bible Stories of the Sea


These are stories about the sea found in the Bible, God’s Word. Yes, as you can tell, I am a pirate. I am a saved pirate for I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I want to share some Bible Stories of the Sea. You can share these stories when you go on your voyage on the sea. Below are a list of these stories and links to them. Bon Voyage that’s French for Good Travel!

  • Man Swallowed by Whale & Lives – story about Jonah and the Whale
  • Family survives the Great Flood – story about Noah and the Ark, The Great Flood
  • Man Walks on Water – story about Jesus walking on water. Even Peter attempted to walk on water. 
  • The Great Catch – story about the disciples out fishing and catch nothing. Jesus tells them to go back out and find out the catch the get.
  • Fishing for Menstory about how we are called to be fishers.
  • Hundreds Survive Shipwreckstory about over 200 men onboard a ship, that gets caught in a 14 day storm. Find out about their voyage.
  • Sea Turned into Blood – Did you know that there was water that turned into blood? This happened during the plagues on Egypt.
  • Calming of the StormCan you imagine being a sleep on a ship, during a raging storm, and people awaken you about the storm. They are scared they will perish and then someone rebuked the wind and it calms.
  • The Parted WatersDid you know that God parted just more than the Red Sea? Find out how many more times waters were parted and where. 
  • What Seems Over Our Head is Under His Feet – A quote that was said at the 2015 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference. I made a graphic for people to use and share. Plus I discuss a little about it.
  • The Rainbow: A Covenant from God – What is that colorful bow that we have in the sky just after the rain and the sun comes out. What does that rainbow represents. Did God give it to us for a reason?
  • Burn the Ships – This is a great Christian song by For King & Country about burning the ships, past.

These stories will be great to share any day or even on International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

First published August 3, 2014. Post was republished January 14, 2019.
Bible Stories of the Sea – Bible Stories About Water

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  1. Praise the Lord! I came up with a very similar concept that we are teaching our children’s ministry this summer. I’m calling it “KEEPING REFRESHED IN THE WORD”. Be encouraged that all your efforts are not in vain. The Body of Christ needs people like you!

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