Hundreds Survive Shipwreck

Captain ChristianBlogR coming at you. I am here to share with you another adventure in Bible Stories of the Sea. In this adventure we have Paul and several other men aboard a ship. They set sail along the coasts of Asia. While we are aboard one ship, they transferred most of the crew onto another ship that was destine to Italy. The winds were stubborn as they made it hard to sail. They were not at a place called Fair Havens, it was near Lasea. Paul had warned the crew of the boat he was on about possible dangers to the boat, the crew and the belongs onboard, including the loss of our lives.

Shipwreck image from Osterkamp on Flickr
Shipwreck image from Osterkamp on Flickr

Never-the-less, the crew ignored Paul’s warning and sailed on. It was winter time. Sailing in certain areas was tuff. Almost reminds me of the Titanic. Okay, back to the story. They now were close to Crete, just after that a strong wind came, called Eurodclydon (North-Easter type wind). This strong wind blew the ship into the open sea.

They had issues controlling the ship, they tried all the could do to control it. To no avail, they could not control the ship. So the next day they figured they have to lighten the load of the ship. So they began tossing over cargo. Then, the day after that they tossed out the ship’s tackle. Removing these items they still had no control.

It has been days, they have not seen the sun, nor have they seen the stars. The crew was hungry, for they have not ate anything recently. Paul reminded them that they should have stay put. Paul told them, I must go to Caesar. That God told me that nothing will happen to the crew, just the boat. The only catch was, the ship must dock on a certain island.

It now has been 14 nights in this storm. So the crew set down the anchor. The crew was afraid to go down with the ship. They wanted to jump overboard. But Paul told them, to survive, you must stay on the ship. Men were trying to get onboard the Life Boats, again this reminds me of the Titanic, but they didn’t hit an iceberg. So the the soldiers cut the ropes to the life boats, so no one will board them.

So by the end of that 14th day, Paul told them to take food. They were fasting, that means they were going without food. He told them this food you must eat, it is how you will survive. Paul gave thanked God for the bread and broke it and gave it to the crew to eat. After this, the crew was encouraged and began to eat, all two hundred and seventy-six people aboard. After they ate, they lighten the ship and tossed over the wheat.

The finally came upon land, they people aboard did not recognize the land they were on. Was the ship ran into ground it hit the ground, they ran into a sandbar. The stern began to break as the waves on the water began to hit the boat.

Now the soldiers was planning to kill all the prisoners aboard, because they were afraid they would escape. The Centurion wanted to keep Paul. This kept the soldiers from killing the prisoners aboard. Paul, mind you was one of the prisoners. Those who could swim, got off the boat first. There was boards and such made so those who couldn’t swim, would be able to exit the boat safely. They later found out that they landed on the island of Malta. Where the natives there showed the shipwrecked crew kindness.

Awesome story to hear that all two hundred and seventy-six people aboard the boat survived. This ship, however did not make it. Best of all no harm came to anyone aboard the ship, nor did anyone lose any of their hair on their head.
Read about this exciting shipwreck adventure for yourself at Acts 27:1-44 & 28:1-2.

I think the ship represents Christ, that we are safe with Christ. Also the ship was broken to save everyone, Christ’s body was also broken to save us. Maybe some food for thought.

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