Family survives the Great Flood

Captain ChristianBlogR would like to tell you a story of a Family survives the Great Flood, becomes the only surviving family after the flood. They managed to save animals too. Yes, you saw that right. Bible Stories of the Sea series brings to you a family survives the great flood. I talk about Noah and his family.

Noah's Ark - Plan ahead
Noah’s Ark – Plan ahead

God came to Noah and told him that he was going to destroy the world and flood it. He instructed him to build an ark. God gave Noah the directions on how to build this ark. He told him, how tall, how wide, and the length of the ark, every detail, including the type of wood, gopherwood, for this ark was given to Noah to build. Noah a faithful man built the ark. I am sure the folks on land watching him was mocking him and laughing at him. Let me add, Noah was 600 years old when the flood waters came.

God picked Noah because Noah walked with God. God also told Noah to gather food to eat and put it on the ark too. Plus Noah was instructed to take his family aboard the ark. He was to set sail with 7 of each clean animal, male and female and 2 of each male and female of the unclean animals.

So God sent a great rainfall. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Could you imagine just how much water fell? It covered all the high hills, It covered the top of every mountain top. Water was everywhere. It covered 100% of the earth. The ark sailed around on top of the fallen water.


Everything that didn’t get aboard the ark of Noah perished. This includes tons of human lives, animals and more. The only survivors was the family of Noah and the animals and creatures he placed aboard the ark. It took one hundred and fifty days before the waters prevailed and the ark rested on the Mount of Ararat. Noah let out a dove to search for dry land after 40 days of landing, but the dove did not find any dry land yet to find its new home. Noah lived about a year in the ark before coming out.

After they were able to leave the ark and get on dry land, Noah took the clean animals and offered a sweet smelling aroma offering to God. God told Noah he will never again destroy the world again by water. So God sent a rainbow a promise to man that he will never flood the whole Earth again.

You can read about this family that survived the great flood in the book of Genesis. Chapters 5 to Chapters 10.

This would make a great story to share with your children while you are at a zoo.

I like the caption in this graphic from that says Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

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  1. If the flood was worldwide how do you account for thousands of animals living in different parts of the world, which could not possibly have been in the ark?

  2. The Bible clearly states that He sent seven of all the clean animals and two of all of the unclean animals.

    I give you a website to look at. This website is great for talking about creation, the flood and much more:

  3. the Bible tells you a covered every mountain top. That God destroyed the world by flood. No living creature that breathe air who was living except those that were safe on the Ark.

  4. The Bible uses the word world in different ways , particularly when the writer refers to the known world of his day. The ark could not have held animals that were nowhere near the ark at the time now could it?

  5. Like I said, go to, you can search for questions there, they will give you Biblical answers. I believe in God’s word, it says that ALL creatures were on board according to it’s kind.

  6. Been there. Nothing but guesses, possibilities , supposed ‘ land bridges’ and plate tectonics which incidentally take far longer than 4,0000 years to make a credible argument for land migrations of animals after the flood. None of them bothered to answer the question how all these animals from the world got to the ark BEFORE the flood !! I believe in Gods’ word too. I also believe in miracles. I also believe there was a judgement upon men in the form a flood. It was local . The known world to the writer was not the ‘whole world’ but a part . Mountains are not always described in the manner we expect them to be in the Bible.

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