A-Z of St. Patrick’s Day

A-Z of St. Patrick’s Day – Here is a list from the letter A to the letter Z that pertain to St. Patrick’s Day. #StPatricksDay #Ireland #Irish #StPatrick #SaintPatrick

A-Z of St. Patrick’s Day

A-Z of St. Patrick’s Day - Here is a list from the letter A to the letter Z that pertain to St. Patrick's Day. #StPatricksDay #Ireland #Irish #StPatrick #SaintPatrick

Not only things of St. Patrick’s Day, but also things to deal with Ireland and Irish too.

A – Armagh is a large country town of Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland. It is a site of historical importance for both Celtic paganism and Christianity. irishtourism.com

B – Bangers and Mash – a popular dish to eat on St. Patrick’s Day, usually consist of sausage and potatoes.

C – Clovers

D – Dublin is the most populated city in Ireland.

E – Enya a singing sensation, who won seven World Music Awards and four Grammys. Her song, “May It Be,” was in the flim the Lord of the Rings.

F – Four-Leaf Clover is suppose to be lucky?!?

G – Green

H – Harp

I – Irish

J – Jealous Shamrock Joke – How do you spot a jealous shamrock?

It will be green with envy!

K – Kiss Me! I’m Irish!

L – leprechaun

M – March 17th – the day set aside to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

N – Northern Ireland is where Saint Patrick did his mission work, not where he is from.

“Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don’t want to press your luck.”

Irish proverb

O – Ordained Priest was Saint Patrick.

P – Pot of Gold – Legens says there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Q – Quis separabit? (English: Who will separate [us]?), the motto of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick. WikiPedia

R – Rainbows

S – Shamrock

T – Trinity explained in a 3-leaf clover.

U – Underwater, 12th Century they depicted leprechauns as female and lived underwater.

V – Voices of Lucky the Leprecaun from Lucky Charms Cereal include … Eric Bauza, Tex Brashear, Jason Graae, Doug Preis, and Daniel Ross.

W – What do you get when you cross poison ivy and a four leaf clover?

A Rash of good luck!

X – X-Men used Irish-American actor, Michael Fassbender who played Erik Lensherr aka Magneto.

Y – “You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.” —Irish proverb

Z – Zoos can be found in Ireland. Hey! I needed a Z word! Well! Ireland has a good bit of them too!

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