Wearing orange instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Wearing orange instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day and other colors worn — As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the world dons various shades of green to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. However, a growing number of Christians are choosing to wear orange instead, symbolizing a different aspect of Ireland’s history and religious landscape.

Wearing orange instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Wearing orange instead of Green on St. Patrick's Day and other colors worn — As St. Patrick's Day approaches, the world dons various shades of green to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. However, a growing number of Christians are choosing to wear orange instead, symbolizing a different aspect of Ireland's history and religious landscape.
I wore orange in 2019, didn’t know about wearing orange. I did it as it’s part of the flag color

Why Orange?

The color orange holds significant meaning in Irish history, representing the Protestant community, particularly in Northern Ireland. It is associated with William of Orange, whose victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 ensured Protestant dominance in Ireland. While green is often linked to Ireland’s Catholic roots, orange represents the other side of the religious spectrum.

The “other side of the religious spectrum” in Ireland typically refers to the Protestant community, which contrasts with the Roman Catholic majority. The religious landscape in Ireland is diverse, but historically, the two main Christian denominations have been Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, which includes various churches like the Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Methodist, and others.

A Call for Unity

Choosing to wear orange on St. Patrick’s Day can be seen as a call for unity and reconciliation among Christians. It’s a reminder that despite our denominational differences, we are all part of the Body of Christ. Wearing orange can symbolize our desire for harmony and peace within the Christian community, transcending historical divisions.

St. Patrick’s Message

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated for bringing Christianity to the Irish people. His message was one of love, faith, and conversion. By wearing orange, Christians can honor his legacy by promoting a message of inclusivity and respect for all Christian traditions.

Celebrating Diversity

Wearing orange on St. Patrick’s Day is also a celebration of the diversity within the Christian faith. It acknowledges that our differences in worship and practice can coexist with mutual respect and understanding. This diversity enriches our collective experience and deepens our understanding of God’s kingdom.

Blue the original St. Patrick’s color

The original color associated with St. Patrick was indeed blue, not green. Early depictions of St. Patrick show him clothed in blue garments, and blue has significant historical importance in Ireland’s past. The color blue was featured prominently in Ireland’s coat of arms and was also associated with the sovereignty of Ireland, often depicted by a woman wearing a blue robe.The shift to green occurred over time, likely due to St. Patrick’s use of the shamrock in his teachings to explain the Holy Trinity, and the color’s association with Ireland’s lush landscapes.

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day carries several meanings and traditions:

  1. Irish Pride: It began in the 19th century when Irish immigrants in the U.S. wore green as a point of pride for their home country.
  2. Folklore: The color is tied to folklore that says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who like to pinch anyone they can see.
  3. Good Luck: Some people wear green to bring good luck.
  4. National Identity: Green is associated with Ireland’s lush landscapes and Celtic heritage, symbolizing national identity and pride.
  5. Cultural Preservation: “Wearing of the Green” has historically served as a rallying cry for preserving Irish culture, language, and traditions.

These traditions have evolved over time and have been embraced by many around the world as part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Other Colors worn on St. Patrick’s Day besides Green

On St. Patrick’s Day, besides the predominant green, there are a few other colors that people wear, each with its own significance:

  • Blue: Historically, blue was the first color associated with St. Patrick and represented Irish sovereignty. Over time, green became more popular due to the shamrock’s symbolism and Ireland’s verdant landscape.
  • Orange: Represents the Protestant community in Ireland and is part of the Irish flag. It symbolizes the desire for respect and unity between the different religious communities in Ireland.
  • White: Also found on the Irish flag, white stands for peace and the hope for reconciliation between the different traditions and cultures in Ireland.

These colors, when worn together, especially on the Irish flag, reflect the complex history and cultural diversity of Ireland.


As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let us consider the message we send with the colors we wear. Whether you choose green, orange, or another color entirely, let it be a reflection of your commitment to Christian unity and love. Let us honor St. Patrick’s legacy by embracing our diverse Christian heritage and striving for a future where all believers can walk together in faith.

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