The Irish Flag

The Irish Flag – Many establishments display the familiar Irish tricolor flag on St. Patrick’s Day and paradegoers may even wave miniature versions of this significant symbol in support of those marching. This instantly recognizable flag has a rich history. Equal parts green, white and orange, the flag was designed to foster peace in the country that had experienced considerable turmoil due to the divide between the country’s Protestant and Catholic residents. (Flag of Ireland)

The Irish Flag

The green in the flag represents the Irish Catholics.

The orange represents the Irish Protestants.

Though Ireland established the tricolor as its national flag in 1921, it first appeared much earlier when Irish national Thomas Francis Meagher unfurled it in 1848.

The white is a symbol of hope for peace between the two factions.

Article compliments of Metro Creative. First published March 3, 2019. Last updated March 9, 2020.

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