A-Z of Graduation

A-Z of Graduation – Pertains to graduating or what it took to graduate. #Graduation

A-Z of Graduation

A-Z of Graduation - Pertains to graduating or what it took to graduate. #Graduation

A – Associate’s Degree

B – Bachelor’s Degree

C – Cap

D – Diploma

E – Exit Exams

F – Family

G – Gown

H – High School Graduates

I – Investment into your future

J – Jump for Joy

K – Kindergarten Graduates

L – Labs

M – Master’s Degree

N – New Life

O – Online Classes

P – Professors

Q – Quiet

R – Room & Board

T – Teachers

S – Salutatorian

U – Undergraduates

V – Valedictorian

W – Work Study

X – X was an in correct answer

Y – You did it!

Z – Zeta Psi it’s a fraternity

What word would you have used for any of these letters? Feel free to share in the comments.

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The A-Z Series (ABC’s Series)

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First published May 15, 2020. Last updated or republished April 25, 2021.

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