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The ABC’s of Praying for Students

ABC’s of Praying for Students – I am republishing this graphic since School year is about to start or has already started in some areas. I really like this graphic and want others to see it too. This is not my graphic, I am just sharing this graphic for my readers.

I saw this on Facebook and wanted to share with everyone. I believe by now most schools have already started back or soon will start back. So this is an awesome graphic done by Julie Sanders.

The ABCs of Praying for Students - Back to School - Julie Sanders - The ABC's of Praying for Students

The ABC’s of Praying for Students

by Julie Sanders

AttitudePsalm 19:14

Boldness Psalm 27:1

CourageJohn 1:9

DiscernmentPhilippians 1:9-10

EnthusiasmColossians 3:23

FriendlinessProverbs 18:24

Generosity2 Corinthians 9:7

HumilityPhilippians 2:3-5

Initiative1 John 3:18

JoyfulnessPhilippians 4:4

KnowledgeProverbs 18:15

ListeningProverbs 12:15

Maturity1 Corinthians 14:20

NeighborsMark 12:31

OverflowRomans 15:13

PerseveranceGalatians 6:9

QuietProverbs 29:11

RespectRomans 12:10

Self-Control2 Peter 1:5-7

Thankfulness1 Chronicles 16:34

UnderstandingPsalm 119:130

VictoryPsalm 18:29

WisdomJames 3:17

eXcellenceProverbs 3:9

Youthfulness1 Timothy 4:12

ZealRomans 12:11

So Welcome back to school!

Source: Juliesanders.org – Please go and visit her blog today! I saw this image on Facebook, and knew I had to share with everyone. Also job with this Julie Sanders! Click on the graphic to go to her actual blog post on that graphic.
First published August 27, 2014. Last Republished or updated August 16, 2017.

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