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Today the kids in my county go back to school. My daughter now starts her 11th (Junior) year in high school. She doesn’t have much longer before she will graduate high school. I tell you the kids grow up way too fast. This school year will end May 22, 2015 as a half day, unless they have snow make up days that extend the end of the school year.

Schools seem to start earlier and earlier now. I know some area schools started back Mid-July, doing the new balanced schedule. Basically, year round school where they go for so long, off for so long, back on and then off. I believe even some homeschoolers started in Mid-July too.

I remember as a kid, we use to start the Friday before Labor Day as a half day. Then, off Monday, Labor Day and then go back full day on that Tuesday. I remember as Amber was going to school, it seemed to start earlier and earlier, then they for the longest time, seem to always start right around or there after my birthday.

My daughter is excited that one of her teachers is my Sunday School teacher from church, but I don’t think she knows that I am sure he would tell me if she is not doing well, her grades, etc.

So when does school start for your children? What grades are they in now? Are they on the new balanced schedule or do they still have the original schedules with long summer break. Also do you homeschool? How does that go? 

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